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Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug


Skylake issues

I had a similar issue on an intel skylake system (NUC) which would sleep but wouldn't wake up. I ended up updating the BIOS, removing all the intel drivers and re-installing the latest ones, one by one (Just installing the new ones over the top didnt work).

I would be tempted to put the blame for this one rubbish on intel drivers...


FTDI boss hits out at 'Chinese criminal gang' pumping knock-off chips


Re: Not much sympathy

Lets spin this situation on its head a little.

Lets say a chinese vendor starts selling x86 processors and branding them as "intel processors" with the logo and everything...is that okay?

That is what is happening here, these aren't just people using FTDI's drivers and USB VID, many of the chips feature an FTDI logo. They are counterfeit....

The fact is that if you are a company selling USB chips you aren't meant to use other peoples VID, they actually cost money...

I have designed electronics for years and have used FTDI chips, they are awesome little devices and some can do JTAG, SPI and I2C as well as just being UARTS.


Imagination Tech's chief Hossein Yassaie quits, shares slide


Re: Missing staff ?

1700 worldwide, 1000 of those are based in the UK


£2.3m ZANO nano-drone crowdfunded project crashes and burns


All the risky of being a shareholder...

People don't seem to realise that backing something on kickstarter is more like being a shareholder in a risky venture, except:

- If the company succeeds you get a copy of the product, you don't get to reap the benefits of shares which increase in value.

- If the company fails then you get nothing, while this can be true as a shareholder I believe if a company folds then after debts are paid the shareholders are entitled to something, this does not apply to kickstarter AFAIK.

I think kickstarter have changed their rules recently, you can't simply post blue sky ideas with no proof of concept any more.


Fusion boffins crack shreddy eddy plasma puzzle


Not sure about this

"The usual means of doing this is to confine a superhot plasma of appropriate light nuclei under massive heat and pressure inside a doughnut-shaped vessel using magnetic fields to suspend the plasma and prevent it destroying the structure. Sadly, so far these doughnut "tokamaks" have always required more power to run than they can generate."

I sat through a seminar while I was doing my postgraduate degree at uni, we had a guy from JET coming down and talking to us for 3 hours. The question of the hot plasma destroying the reactor came up.

The fact of the matter is that the thermal mass of the plasma is low despite it being very hot. The actual problem is that if the plasma touches the walls of the reaction vessel it will cool down and the reaction will stop. A single proton hot proton touching a lump of metal will not heat the metal up very much, the proton will just cool down.

Also the reason for building a bigger reactor is that it is easier to contain the plasma in a larger space.

I second point is they tend not to use tritium right now because they want to go inside the reactor vessel to inspect it after the experiments. High energy neutrons can be captured by the walls of the reaction vessel and create radioactive isotopes making it dangerous to then go inside and inspect it. They tend to only use deutrium which doesnt release as much energy.

I do remember they said that the amount of lithium in a laptop battery would power the UK for a year or something ridiculous like that. It was impressive....the commercial timelime they layed out in this seminar was 2030 - 2050 for power being generated by these reactions powering the national grid. We are still a long way off!


Zalman ZM-VE200 portable virtual Rom drive


Incorrect Statement

"There are flaws: it doesn't remember your ISO choice after the power's cut. And there's no way to reverse your choice other than powering down and re-selecting."

I have owned one of these for 6-8 months. This statement is incorrect. With an image selected and loaded press the jog dial inwards, this unmounts the image and allows you to reselect by tweaking the dial up and down.

Secondly you can organise the images in folders within the _ISO directory, makes it easier to find things.



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