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Integrated sat nav

"Why do people pay £500-£1000 for such an poor option when a £80 TomTom or the free Nokia Here app will do a far better job?"

They're often worse than that - £1000 - £1500 for the integrated sat-nav is a massive rip-off and I wouldn't opt for it if I bought new. But if you don't buy new then it's a handy thing to have in a used car where the cost doesn't filter through to you so badly.

They go out of date but 95% of the time they're fine, and the extra time spent programming a destination into a possibly badly designed one is saved not having to plug in the tomtom to the windscreen and have cables hanging around the dash.

And more time saved when you stop for a quick pee at the services and don't have to unplug the tomtom every time.

Complaints against ISPs and mobe firms are up by a fifth — reports


Re: BT could improve things considerably if they...

3. Got rid of their entire offshore call centres. All of them. The worse, daftest and most technically inept IT people I've ever had to deal with. And I've dealt with CSC so I understand the scale.

100% agree with this comment. As soon as you get transferred to the Indian Call Centre of Doom (TM) your heart sinks as you realise what was originally a simple problem has just become another bunch of grey hairs and a headache.

If it helps, you can get through to technical support in the UK and tell them not to transfer you to the offshore call centres. They don't seem surprised when you ask and generally try their best to avoid it, but you can't always avoid it. Especially if there's an order or replacement hub involved.

Sea eagles menace Scottish children


Re: Nonsense...

Scots are all alcoholics.....*check*

Everything is deep fried.....*check*

It's a good job nobody Scottish is reading this forum or such a slurry of stereotypes might cause offence.


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