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NHS digital pens: The 'Total Solution'


its all about managing change

the pen is an ideal solution for the transition to a full electronic patient record, you can't just transfer the staff over to laptops, tablets etc.. it will fail almost immediately

you have to manage the change and take is slow, this is why so many projects within the NHS have failed, to much to quickly.

the pen enables them to still use the paper and with the added benefit of a mobile device, access to email, appointments, information. once they are used to this then phase out the pen .

i am all for the reduction in paper, the NHS has to be largest user of paper in the UK. You cant just give them a full electronic patient system

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handwriting via digtal pens

the solutions are carefully designed

handwriting recognition don't get me wrong can be tricky, but when i design the maternity notes we use a large amount off tick boxes, combed boxes

questions with yes/no tick boxes, this give you 100 accuracy on the questions, ideal for clinical questions

Combed boxes for NHS number, but when setting it up, you program the box, so it is expecting a number, it know its a "5" not an "S"

free notes fields are tricky, but average about a 92% accuracy, but you are able to edit and verify before entering into clinical systems if needed

you are able to upload, clinical dictionaries, medication terms into the dictionary this all help with the accuracy


Freeing time to care

to many NHS IT teams think the way forward it IPad, laptops or slates, why is it ?

it is going to be years before the NHS will be ready for this technology. it still far to paper heavy, the pen gives a transition from paper to electronic patient record, it helps to adapt the staff to change.

give the clinical staff the ability to do the job they joined the NHS to do CARE!!!, they shouldn't need to write a report on paper twice or three times, then type it into a system. Capture it once and get that information transferred into the patient system. once and once only.. this means freeing time to care

you also need to think about the cost the pen solution its far cheaper on the capital and the recurring costs, this means getting a return on the investment far sooner than and laptop solution.

check this link http://www.developiq.com/freeingtimetocare/

any info please email me r.a.sargent@gmail.com i used to work in the NHS and developed the solution in Portsmouth



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