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Windows 8 fondleslabs rock up on eBay


Apples & well never mind ...

You can’t really say that this tablet PC is has similar specs to an iPad, it’s like comparing a Porsche 911 to an F1 Ferrari. A Porsche 911is fast and for the consumer, but an F1 Ferrari is not mass produced and is not designed for the road.

Back to the point, The Windows 8 Build Developer Tablet, is exactly that, a developer tablet. Its for the track not the road. Plus it has quite higher specs than an iPad. Sandy Bridge Core i5. 4gb DDR3 USB HDMI . . .

As regards the price, is it really that unreasonable, the meerkats toys that you get when signing up for insurance from comparethemarket.com sell on ebay for around £150. Exclusive free stuff always sells on the ol’ bay for a lot more than its true value. But thats life . . .


Cyber cops arrest man, 61, for menacing chick-lit MP


Re: 'Malicious communication'?

Not all that bad, there would be no Justin Beeber or Rebecca Black . . . if they're not considered 'Malicious communication' against my eardrums . . . I don't know what is . . .



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