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Smart TV shootout

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Samsung has iplayer but...

I have a 3 month old Samsung 40" D7000 and it has largely failed to impress...

1. IPlayer doesn't work properly. 95% percent of the time 5 minutes into watching something, the screen will bounce back to the iplayer interface leaving the sound running. Pressing play will take you back to the video stream but it will then freeze after a couple of minutes. Samsung's response was that I should update the firmware - which is already updated so refuses to reload. (SD stream on a 50Mb connection and using the IPlayer in my Sony Bluray works fine)

2. Blinkbox has loads of content, though you can't watch anything from the BBC - all you get is a message saying content is not authorised on that device. If you can watch on a PC, why not a TV?

3. The screen has stuck pixels which I cannot shift. Interestingly Samsung's response was to update the firmware for this too - though how that'd help, I'm not sure...

4. bit off topic but 3D is terrible - loads of ghosting and the active shuttter glasses usually guarantee a headache... Have seen far better 3D on passive systems by LG

Overall, have been dissapointed with the Samsung. Reckon I paid over the odds for a 40" screen but bought it for the SmartTV hub.. 3 months in and the apps either don't work, or don't have the content I want to watch.


Virgin Media preps firmware update for glitchy SuperHub

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What exactly is modem mode?

Not 100% sure what the modem mode will give me that I don't already have...

I was persuaded to take the upgrade on the basis it would be a better service and found that half my kit wouldn't connect properly to the Superhub. So, in desparation I plugged in the old D-Link router, changed the router's subnet to 192.168.1.x, then on the Superhub, gave it a static IP addess, put it in the DMZ, and turned off the Wi-fi.

Now I have everything running off the D-Link router, connecting more or less smoothly and haven't really suffered much in the way of streaming drop-offs...

Is the modem-mode going to improve on this? If so, would be very interested to know how...




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