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HTC Touch Window Mobile 6 smart phone

Graham Durkin

HTC Touch - Great Little Beauty!

I received mine yesterday - and yes I agree the screen picks up your finger marks, but that's not really a problem.

I am replacing a Nokia E61 - it worked well but really wasn't as useful as my old WM5 device from IPAQ that I changed it for, but I have missed WM, so am expecting WM6 to be a bit better.

The HTC Touch is quick -syncs well, can do my email roving via GPRs and using a soft SIP client I can make calls when I'm in a WIFI zone r on my home LAN for next to free - plus it aslo holds enough music for my tatses with a 2Gb card.........

Add to the unit with either Bluetooth Headphones and Tom Tom and well what more can you say!

It looks neat too!



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