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Linux, not Microsoft, the real winner of Windows Server on ARM


Best wrap up of the topic. Unfortunately few people will read all the comments down until this one...


Re: "Web native" developer?

But you are aware of the fact that you just underlined the original statement with your link? This is all about participation of big companies in kernel development. Not at all about developing Linux distributions...

Google Glass teardown puts rock-bottom price on hardware


I grew in a communist country (although I have to admit that it was a long time ago ;)). But isn't it obvious to everybody that the price has nothing to do with the costs for making the good?

The price is made by the market. The entrepreneur that is able to call the highest price with the lowest cost is the most successful. So why do so many people complain? Nobody is obliged to buy the product on this price. And if it is so easy to build as some people suspect another company will offer a similar product at a lower price soon.

My opinion on the high price tag. Google just doesn't want Glass to be a mass product at the current point in time. They wanted it to be available for sale but not to everybody. Many product categories start in the luxury market with high price tags and become a commodity with reasonable prices eventually (see PDAs, smartphones etc.).

And to be honest considering the effort to develop such product (I work in development/product management myself) I think 1500$ is no too much at the time. They will barely make a profit with this currently.

If Google got a haircut, a tie and a suit, would it be Microsoft?


AFAIK Google only cancles free services suddenly. For instance ActiveSync is still offered for users of paid Google App services.

Minister seeks to rip 'Like' buttons off German gov web


I know that the whole UK is full with Germany fanbois with the most active working for El Reg. And especially you do a really good job of making us smile sometimes. But... while this "Sozialschweinehunde" thing really started very good that wieknöpfe destroyed it a bit. I needed a while before I got it: like = wie. Sorry guys (and girls) this is just confusing for Germans. I'd recommend you changed it to "gefallenknöpfe" or something. This sounds weird enough and is also only nearly correct.

German authorities park tanks on Facebook's lawn


Danke! Ihr habt meinen Tag gemacht!


I love you!

A German in love

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