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Google+ bans real name under ‘Real Names’ policy


No, it's not a character name

You didn't read the post carefully, did you? The name is nothing to do with role-playing, except for the coincidental fact that the person who coined the word happened to play in the same group as I did. And it was long before there was ever an "A" in front of "D&D". However role-playing helps make one aware of more complex issues of identity.

Still, let's ignore my specific example and look at all the other mononymous people. Google is indeed blind to naming conventions. Seriously blind. And as I've said elsewhere, it's Google's legal obligation to record my legal name correctly, and it's their moral obligation tom follow their own names policy, which says I must use the name I am known by. And there it is.

That, and Google's suspend-first-demand-proof-later behaviour is simply that of an ignorant bully. As perhaps is yours.

I'm not asking Google to make a special exemption just for me. I'm asking them to make the same, precisely normal, provisions for the variety of names that every other significant organisation on the planet makes. It's not hard. For Google to fail here is appalling incompetence.


Can enter US with one name, but not register at The Register

Actually, I can enter the US with one name quite happily. I even have a US visa. The database requires both given name and surname to be non-empty, but you put your mononym into the surname field and "FNU" as the given name, for "first name unknown ".

A bit backwards, I know, but it's a well-known procedure amongst border control staff and airline staff and has never caused any reaction stronger than a knowing nod and a polite "Welcome to America, Sir."

Nor have I had problems travelling to Thailand or Tanzania.

Almost everywhere, and with almost every organisation, the reactions range from polite curiosity to concern that they're unable to enter my name correctly. Google has been the only organisation that has ever simply asserted that I am wrong and told me to change. And that is what gets up my nose.

Besides, in Australia they are legally required to record my personal information correctly.

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