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Conviction by computer is go, confirms UK Ministry of Justice

Captain Packrat

"Ten Eurotechnicians were today sentenced by the Justice Computer to be banished for life to the prison satellite Penal One."

Google+ bans real name under ‘Real Names’ policy

Captain Packrat

Happened to me

Google suspended my account because I have an unusual last name, and wouldn't reinstate my account even after I sent them a copy of my driver's license. I finally sent them copies of my driver's license, credit cards, Social Security card, passport, marriage certificate, firearms license, car title, sales tax certificate, and insurance paperwork (all redacted, of course). I guess that was enough to convince them my name is real.

It only took 2 weeks to get it cleared up. I really doubt I'll ever use my account for anything now. I can't trust Google for anything anymore.

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