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Java jury finds Google guilty of infringement: Now what?


You missed the biggest outstanding question, the one not put to the jury: Can an SSO be placed under copyright at all? That one is for Alsup to decide. FWIW, the EU court just ruled that, in fact, SSO's and APIs et al can NOT be under copyright, at least in the EU. Currently there is no definitive US law that says otherwise. Alsup will make the final call, but if he decides that they are copyrightable, it would put the US out of step with the EU on this important question and turn decades of computing practice on its head. Most pundits feel that he must rule the same way as the EU court did, which would completely nullify any finding of infringement.

Even if the finding holds, Oracle stands to gain -- at the utmost -- only about $150,000. I think that Google can probably afford that.


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