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Microsoft's earnings down on slow Windows sales, Surface RT bust


Developers, developers, developers...

As a developer I was excited about the prospects for Windows tablets. I invested in Windows 8 (it's not too bad), and worked on some apps. Then the hardware was delivered. Too expensive and too slow. What a waste... We used to be excited by Microsoft's plans, now, I regret, we struggle to believe them.

Going forward, Microsoft will not only have to regain the technology lead it once had but also regain the confidence of the market (and its developers). IMHO, the first will be easier than the second; perhaps the train has already left the station?

Are driverless cars the death knell of the motor biz?


Premise may be flawed but driverless cars, fantastic

The previous comments deal adequately with the reasons against shared (or rental) ownership.

But the potential for change to social demographics by driverless cars is fascinating. Imagine, your (largely) electric car takes you to the office, it goes away and recharges itself until your partner/children need it. He/she/they use it through the day for school runs, shopping,... when it returns to take you home. For longer drives, it uses the superior energy density of petrol whilst for day-to-day use, it uses electricity.

50% reduction in car ownership and a zillion% increase in road safety. Together with intelligent routing, higher speeds (safely) on arterial routes and reduced pollution, how can this be anything other than a win for society.

Let's hope drive-yourself cars are progressively removed by legislation ASAP.

Apple pictures iOS on your wall


Oh Please

Devices projecting images and interacting with users have been around for ever. I remember a Doctor Who cartoon in the '70s where a 'dalek' computer intercepted movies from the local theatre and played them on your wall. And as for transferring images between devices with gestures, see Minority Report or Avatar for details.

Apple's going to be granted this patent and some poor company will be sued out of existence when they release something truly innovative.


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