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Google BLASTS BACK at Apple, Microsoft, Sony in Android patent WAR



Did it ever occur to you that the real reason for Google to not chip in with MS and Apple was inability to use those patents to counter-sue against other patent suits MS and Apple bullying Google directly and through their partners? MS and Apple have plenty of other bogus patents like rounded corners, rubber band and exFat long file names.


Re: How quickly we forget

Blarkon, it might be because Google has never done it before. They only counter-sued as a response when some other companies (let's not name those ones from Redmond and Cupertino) having sued Google exactly for patent infringement.

Harvard kid, 20, emailed uni bomb threat via Tor to avoid final exam, says FBI


Re: Missing the obvious...

Agreeing with you guys on most things, yet we don't know how competent the interrogators are, what kind of methods..cough-cough.. tortures they might employ. Not sure if I wouldn't confess of stealing the pope's watch if becoming a suspect.

-- Using Tor at the same time some message was sent, so what? Bomb threat, what is it? Wait, wait why are you putting this plastic bag on me, I can't breath.... I will confess, I did whatever you say, please, let me breath!!!

Android antivirus apps CAN'T kill nasties on sight like normal AV - and that's Google's fault


Re: No numbers of successfully installed ones are ever given.

"Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat"

Presumption of innocence, Codex Iustinianius.

I say it, because, most Android's critics, who deplore the malware affairs almost always insinuate the equity between being available and being installed. I also tell you that, if the latter number were in any way discernible, it would be apparent and much better pronounced in the press and everyday life. We would see it in real action, hearing about complaints, having acquaintances, relatives and friends to tell their funny stories, just like in case with MS Windows of whatever version. Nothing of this happens which implies its insignificance for Android.


Re: Crazy Platform

Indeed boring for a Windows-oriented mind. Too much simplicity, order and too little mess, bloat and room for the MIcrosoft-type creativity .

Android is riddled with money stealing malware that no-one is doing anything about

In you dreams and imagination it might be. Android malware are always presented in numbers that are available for download (usually outside of Google Play). No numbers of successfully installed ones are ever given., unlike with MS Windows where we almost always know an estimate for the number of PC to suffer from a particular malware.

I don't care if it's design is any good or not, the end result is that there's a shed load of Android malware.

Right, good design is detrimental, let's rewrite the postulates of modern IT... How big is this shed that gets to actually infect?

(Anti) Virus software is an afterthought, and the result of many Microsoft's blunders, it's not a good idea after all.


Re: Crazy Platform

bazza, you seem to not understand. Android, unlike any version of Windows, isolates apps giving them separate uid's and thus has them running in a sandboxed env. Each uid routinely joins various groups with different permissions. These permissions are also transparent to a user.

All apps are pretty much equal and cannot have higher privileges over each other. An admin (the user) or root can go over their heads. You cannot simply allow an app on an unrooted system to do just that.

All those features combined is a good measure against malware already.

This is why Windows is so vulnerable and helpless against viruses and trojans. MS Windows is the one that is crazy.

Hey Linux newbie: If you've never had a taste, try perfect Petra ... mmm, smells like Mint 16


Mate got more features than cinnamon

Mate is, by design, less resource intensive and lacks some of the flash found in Cinnamon.

I think that there are more flashes in Mate than in the Cinnamon desktop.

Say, panel applets available in Mate by default. Calendar applet can show time and weather for multiple cities . I also noticed, that Mate applets tend to be a bit less flashy, yet much more functional. You can run compiz with all of its configurable flashes instead of marco. Gnome-terminal lacks the transparency feature for some time now, unlike good ol' mate-terminal. All of it is done with more stability and less resources.

However, Cinnamon moves fast and improves steadily.

Both Mate and Cinnamon are great desktops. We (GNU/Linux and *BSD people) also got Xfce, KDE, LXDE, Unity, Fluxbox, e17 and more. All are great DEs. Hence the penguin icon.

Microsoft teams up with Feds, Europol in ZeroAccess botnet zombie hunt



eliminate that superbotnet that calls itself Microsoft corp.

Native Americans were actually European - BEFORE the Europeans arrived!


Re: if I remember correctly

Yes indeed, Clovis was the first Catholic Frankish or French King. Yet, there is a Clovis culture, the oldest found in North America (peculiar shapes of arrow heads etc) . One hypothesis uses the fact that unlike the later cultures in the Americas, Clovis is very reminiscent of those found in Northern Europe and asserts that it was a result of migration of people from the Ice Age Europe that eventually settled in in North America.

So, Northern France comes up there pretty coincidentally. It's quite likely that the Atlantic ocean was much better navigable at the time, so the coast of Normandy is a pretty good candidate.


if I remember correctly

Wasn't there some kind of (still debated) evidence that the mysterious Clovis culture might have come from somewhere in the Northern France during the Ice Age? There are a number of pretty well done BBC, Nova and other nice documentaries on this out there.

Microsoft touts SCROOGLE merch: Hopes YOU'LL PAY to dump on rival


Re: @RyokuMas


you wrote: Google may get up to as their arrogance continues to grow

So thank you for being honest. The "may" or "might" is the crucial meaning there. It's not up to us to project what might happen in the future. However, in case you want to do forecasting more wisely, I think, the best way here is to extrapolate from the previous history of the same entity. We should be more concerned about the present though. In this present Google is still an angel (not by themselves) but rather in comparison to any of the big fat bastards: Microsoft, Apple or Oracle.


Re: So...

Can you do the same to Microsoft Windows, just for a start?

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The philosophy that "everything is equal to everything else" is a cool one. Equating Google with Microsoft is also a pretty nice idea. Let's see what we get there:

-- can we recall any similar shitty PR campaigns Google had ever initiated in the past against Microsoft or anybody else?

-- did Google ever try to lock-in to their products?

-- have Google been imposing it's proprietary products upon humanity for the last 20 years?

-- how many times did Google try to embrace and extinguish, just like Microsoft had done in the Java/Visual J++ or Netscape/IE controversies?

-- how many times did Google try to impose it's proprietary standards and protocols on consumers like ActiveSync, MSO and other formats?

-- how many times did Google try to extort money by (ab)using the patent system and it's own bogus patents, as a means to compensate the lack of its own innovative ideas ( not as a countermeasure against someone else that was trying to do just that)?

-- when did Google last time try to insert some secret API's in their product to acquire an unfair advantage against it's competitors?

-- is there a Google Tax and bundling of their messy software a consumer has to pay for no matter what?

-- how much damage did Google do to contaminate the culture of IT with its poor software design, lack of provision and constant drive to monopolize the Schools, Universities and other institutions?

-- can you not simply opt out using Google's free products by not going google.com, closing gmail account, not buying an Android device approved by Google (the most source code of which is freely available)? Just like when you virtually cannot avoid some non-free Microsoft products?


@RedneckMBA: "get the facts"

Why not addressing this directly at Microsoft? Suggesting them to shut the f***ck up would also be nice.

..fanbois arguing is simply a colossal waste of time

It's particularly disgusting when a colossal waste is conducted by a psychopathic colossus with plenty of extorted money still enough to squander on some moronic PR campaigns.

Another zombie 'bogus app' bug shambles out of Android


bug vs. feature

This Android bug is a feature on Windows OS. There has been no mandatory authenticity verification on MS Windows for all these past and current years.

Fed up with Windows? Linux too easy? Get weird, go ALTERNATIVE


Re: Emacs

KISS and emacs in one sentence. Must be a joke. Just not a funny one.

I pointed this out above, vim occupies more space than the emacs-nox package on Debian. This is not a joke, yet actually is pretty funny. BTW, there is no emacs anymore. There is either GNU Emacs or XEmacs and a few other clones.


Re: Emacs

Why would you need that? You can always fire up that good ol' MS Notepade on your system. This is the decency you're after, I guess.


Re: Emacs

but makes little sense from the terminal

Imho, it does, I've been running it predominantly this way until pretty recently. AMOF, on Debian, vim-runtime (a dependency for vim) takes more space (about 23mb) than emacs23-nox with its dependencies (about 13mb). It still comes with the lisp interpreter and quite a few very useful modes and things.

A lot of people run their CAS software inside of emacs because it makes a lot of sense. GNU Emacs got it's own very powerful yet simple reverse polish calculator Calc, often used as embedded while editing various stuff. This one plays so nicely with other cool modes like org-mode. Emacs Calc, unlike so many other calculators, can not only operate on dates, units, it supports various formats, does symbolic calculus and so on.

No other editor can do it.


Re: Emacs

Try it out to see how wrong you are. Thanks to Lisp it actually has grown into a super editor. This very design and and its modular architecture still ensures adherence to the KISS principle. I can barely remember any annoying bugs within Emacs despite some heavy usage of it for the last ... 8 years, I think.

Perhaps it's farther away from the Unix ideas than vi is, yet vi or even vim are not as extensible as GNU Emacs is.

IT'S patent WAR: Apple, Microsoft vs Google, Samsung, Huawei


I hope

That Google, Samsung, Asus and others will return with something painful at these abominable fat mongrels from both Cupertino and Redmond. The rest of the rascals of this Cartel seem to be just their cowardly lackeys.

Those patents in question are so general and ludicrous. What a fucked-up patent system it really is!

City of Munich throws Ubuntu lifeline to Windows XP holdouts


Re: Ubuntu @Jedidiah

Metrognome, once again. With Windows, when installing you look for drivers elsewhere, with Linux they are already there. See the difference.


Re: How does this help?

Khaptain, I did not try to give you any piece of advice . I just wanted to say that your example is, putting it pretty mildly, irrelevant. It's like I would ask a question how to build a Linux kernel and get frustrated about answers heavily filled with git and make-package commands.

Your claim was that Linux forums are comprised of these scary workarounds is not true in general. I've been there, I've used them very often. I found them mostly user-friendly and yet highly competent. Yes, the required level of expertise might vary, yet if a question contains the sacramental "I am a newbie in Linux", the answer would never have any scary bash, awk, sed or perl code, let alone any technical nonsensical recepies . Even though you can always suggest just simply to copy-paste a code or command, so very often a much lesser headache than dealing with those infinite dialogs provided by Windows.


Re: How does this help?

Older cards/drivers seem to be pretty capricious at probing possible resolutions. I was able to set up mine to 1360x768 successfully. Very well explained in here, post #3 nothing of that sort portrayed by a silver-badged Microsoft expert Khaptain.



Never experienced that, however, have seen so many oopsies of the native windows system trashing itself (like mbr) and not being able to restore itself thereafter.


Re: I bet a lot more people would switch if...

Sometimes you find Linux supporting ntfs much better than the native WinXP system.


Re: How does this help?

I haven't been using Linux for 20 years, it's only about 8-9 years, yet I know enough of resolution setups though to resort to the xrandr command. In your example, a text buffer driver is set up for a high resolution. Only technically adept person would most probably need it. Hence it must have been explained that way. On the other hand, why would you need a 1366x768 resolution when booting?

As far as the video driver is concerned, it's xrandr, if not automatically probed.

If the video drivers is capable of the needed resolution, and the grandr, gnome-/mate-monitors isn't able to probe, xrandr might still handle it.

Here is what I just did for 1360x768 on my old i915:

gtf 1360 768 60.0

xrandr --newmode "1360x768_60.00" 84.72 1360 1424 1568 1776 768 769 772 795 -HSync +Vsync

xrandr --addmode VGA1 1360x768_60.00

xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1360x768_60.00

And you got that resolution!

It's a copy-paste stuff and has much more sense than "clean your computer from viruses, clean the Windows registry, reinstall Windows etc"

I myself learned most of what I know about Linux, Unix, FreeBSD and other IT related things from the forums, yet never did I have to ask a single question there. Someone did it for me and before, so I just used it to learn a lot of stuff. I did try helping other as well and followed the tradition of doing that in a user friendly manner, as well as reported a few bugs, having found and published some resolutions and workarounds. Well, the Linux forums are usually the most user friendly and unassuming. FreeBSD ones are most cryptic and concise, yet highly informative. While, my Windows forums experience is much much worse.


Re: How does this help?

Spreading FUD about Linux forums? I'd tell you the difference between asking questions on Linux and Windows forums. The difference that the latter will bring you mutually contradictory answers: it's a malware, clean your PC, it;s your harddrive dying, MS will send them to the OEM, OEM will point at Microsoft.

ElReg. Something wrong is going on with the rating system, wanted to downvote this FUD and can't after mistakenly having upvoted it.


Re: How does this help?

Did you know that Ubuntu is much better supported than any of the Microsoft Windows iterations?

Android malware spotted hitching a ride on mobile botnet


Re: ...wise to steer clear...

Now if you want that, you go winmo. Ironic that it's the Linux-based platform that's the bigger risk than the windows-based one

For a brainless, careless user or both, it is. It is a much lesser risk compared to Windows, though. The risk is well comprehended. No surprises here with the transparent permissions (which now you might be ab;e to tweak) and sandboxed apps. Nothing like Windows. Let me compare it to having sex without using a condom in the pocket, with a stranger, knowing the possible consequences, while Windows is always a sex when condoms are not offered at all. I still prefer trusted repos though.

Apparently vulnerability is not inherent, just what happens when you're the most popular platform. Apparently, you don't know what you're talking about.


forgot to add



s/ensuing/the ensuing/

Forgot also to tell that my only cheapo 7'' Android tablet has been turned into a Bodhi Debian Linux tablet.


Re: first linux distro to need anti virus?

Nope. Don't trust Kaspersky and whoever establishes their business on the grad flaw of the Microsoft design to OS. MS approach to security was always an afterthought. So ensuing strategy for it is "contract the disease and then start thinking about swallowing a lot of (sometimes totally innocuous for this disease) medication".

This alleged super-pooper trojan still has to be installed by the user!

No need for AV to prevent it, just don't brainlessly approve everything, do not try to install outside of Google play, and more importantly, look into the permissions first, before installing anything.


get it once and for all

Google leaves updates entirely up to the hardware manufacturers

Google leaves <caps>everything</caps> up to the manufacturers. Just like Debian project leaves everything up to whatever-progeny distro uses Debian system as a base. Blame not Google , but the "distros" here.

Microsoft 'cooperates' with wide US cash-for-contracts bribery probe


What about the United States of America?

Only here, its been renamed from bribery to effective incentives. A the end of the day, an official or a person responsible for purchasing software can always resort to " I'm dumb, ignorant, illiterate, can't count and I dint know it was not as good for us" argument.

Bradley Manning* sentenced to 35 years in prison


a persuasive message

As the military prosecutor Capt. Joe Morrow suggested: " it would send a message to any soldier contemplating stealing classified information,"

Hell, a nice message indeed. Thanks for not considering yet a more convincing message, such as, dismembering him while broadcasting this vivid lesson over all TV and cable channels. It's so utterly humane of the prosecution to also not prosecute his relatives (and friends). That would be even a more persuasive message to send (you see you still have something to learn from NKVD and the great generalissimo Joseph Stalin.

Setting now the irony aside, the actual message for US soldiers to discern is: you can kill civilians as much as you like (you may pretend they look insurgents to you later), rape, imagine yourself playing video games, just make sure you have no witnesses. Should you dare to resort to your bloody conscience and tell on your comrades perpetrating the above to the world, you become enemy of the state. Telling how morally corrupt the diplomatic service is, you automatically multiply your term by two, three or any arbitrary (to us) natural number.


Re: Poor guy

And what a poor country?

What a contrast with the fate of the USS Vincennes' captain who ordered to down the civilian Iranian aircraft full of people in 1988? While he was going against the Martial Code of Conduct ( not the first time), being disloyal to his higher commanders that day, in particular, having his crew make a few blunders to disregard important protocol of communication, got awarded instead.

Legal bible Groklaw pulls plug in wake of Lavabit shutdown, NSA firestorm


Exacltly my sentiment

A sad day indeed. Giving it all up for groklaw might be devastating and would eventually hurt free software and freedom in general. I don't know, perhaps it's just a momentary breakdown of Pamela, and she'll come back, but one should be certain that there will be plenty of partying going on around the world. NSA, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and other patent trolls will sure chip in for the celebrations.

South Korea: We're 'concerned' that Obama saved Apple from ban

Thumb Down

@ Regtard

So, you're presuming that $16 per device is tooooo high, while one beeelion US dollars per four rounded corners, rubber band and other freaking crap is totally okay?

Your sense of fairness looks so awesome to me! Hope, you're not a judge or a sports referee of some kind.


get back your IQ points

determining what for does this FRAND system exist in the first place? If you can't put an injunction on the infringed products, the infringed products are not infringing anything FRAND by definition. Because you will just play a football game with every FRAND patent holder ad infinitum. No deep knowledge of Game Theory is necessary to realize this.


@ RogerThat

Samsung DID NOT negotiate in good faith.

No, Samsung DID negotiate in good faith. This WAS the finding of ITC.

The dissenting judge pointed out that Samsung made one offer and one only.

What did the reamaing five judges say?

You see the whole FRAND saga is being circulated for a long time now. We have the main fat cats like MS and Apple to abuse the fucked up patent system the most of all. They have almost no real tech patents that often are FRAND. So they usually advise others to put the FRAND stuff in their own arse, whilst, have a lot of "rounded corner" patents they are allowed to abuse the way they want.

Microsoft Surface sales numbers revealed as SHOCKINGLY HIDEOUS


As Eadon would say:

"Microsoft Surface FAIL!". Indeed.

A lot of people seem to approve this message.

Only 1 in 5 Americans believe in pure evolution – and that's an upswing


Re: Slight confusion here

How many bones would you need to get convinced? What would you do with all the DNA, RNA and protein evidence? Okay, chimps, orangutang and other apes are indeed the closest species to us. The Dr. Pääbo analysis on Neanderthal DNA doesn't mean anything to you.

Yet, the greatest issue I see in the "alternative idea", evolution deniers is that we are either being offered some Santa fairy tales (Earth is 5,000- 10,000 years old etc), something non-falsifiable, or nothing at all. Absolutely no constructivism and constant nay-saying.


@AJ MacLeod

Please tell us about your knowledge of paleontology. As far as I am informed, even before Cambrian explosion we do have some other things, like microfossils and numerous remains of stromatolites (going back up to 3.7 billion years). There is also a huge body of indirect evidence for organic life, say rock with oxidized iron etc.

Pwn all the Androids, part II: Flaw in Java, hidden Trojan


@John Brown

You probably want the "rm -rf *" to force it. Yeah, in order to apply it to an android app, make sure you need the write permissions for the app in question.



It's probably the best indicator that Android is far more popular than Linux.

It seems to be even more popular than MS Windows, however, please remind us when did any of the following infection with malware ever happen to an Android user:

-- by inserting a media

-- by clicking on a web link, visiting a webpage

-- when opening a document or email attachment

-- through the (MS) Remote Procedure Call

Snowden leak: Microsoft added Outlook.com backdoor for Feds


Re: I'm not surprised

Exactly, how many more green streets are given to Microsoft in return? now all those NDA's with PC OEMs become a little more clear. Lazy anti-trust watchdogs received their sleeping pills quite regularly ...


@Michael C.

Anyone know of an Outlook.com alternative.

Well, if you really wan set up pop3 for your outlook.com, use some free client, like thunderbird, alpine, mutt and encrypt all or some of your mail...

Texas teen jailed for four months over sarcastic Facebook comment


America is crazy

WTF? You can now detain people without court hearing for some groundless, idiotic threats made by a teenager? I get it, that you might wanna detain him for a couple hours, interrogate to make sure he does or doesn't mean it, finally, let the law decide what to do next.

When talking to some of my American fellows (esp., "red necks" and pro-Republican folks) Most of them get super hysterical when mentioning how dangerous this all arms business might be. Now presuming that anyone can carry a Kalashnikov, or several of them and wipe-off a kindergarten when threatening is just fucking schizophrenic.

Microsoft offloads heap of critical fixes in 'ugly' Patch Tuesday



Saying "halva-halva" doesn't necessary make your mouth sweet.


Re: the usual snarky tone that there is something amiss.

targets is being borne out by the increasing pressure on Android devices.

Not true, it was heard long before Android, a pretty controversial theory. And BTW, for Android it's only trojans to talk about, illegitimate apps. One installs those on his/her own risk when not examining permissions and perhaps outside of G. Play (MS Windows lacks even that). It's still unheard of to get a trojan through an RCE.

Compare Windows servers versus Windows workstations in an enterprise setting and you should find that the workstations get hit at a far higher rate. both need AV according Microsoft.



considering the size of their offerings

if one is considering the size of Debian's offerings... things become more clear.

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