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Oddly enough, when a Tesla accelerates at a barrier, someone dies: Autopilot report lands

Bracken Dawson

What do you think an autopilot is?

What do you think an autopilot is? Because the autopilot in an aircraft males no effort whatsoever to avoid any obstacles (don't confuse autopilot with TCAS). The Tesla autopilot does to an extent avoid objects, but just like in an aircraft, or car with cruise control, you still have to drive, Tesla males this plainly clear. If you crash a Tesla on autopilot, *you* crashed the car. Worth pointing out that people crash cars less often when they use Tesla Autopilot.

So stop whining and exit your short position already!

Chrome adblockalypse will 'accelerate Google-Facebook duopoly'

Bracken Dawson

I'm not sorry

Good! For ages now I've been simply closing pages when annoying adverts appear, it's not worth it, but of course now the site has been paid for me to not view it's content..

I, like I suspect most Reg readers, use an add blocker. I've tried running without one recently, but I quickly come back to using one when I find most websites are extremely annoying without. But I use Adblock in the mode that allows adds on sites that adhere to their standards, I think the new chrome will just be a lot like this, maybe I can remove Adblock again, and maybe now we have a good solution for mobile.

How will this affect sites? Well with your annoying adds you're only extracting revenue from a fraction of your users, those with no add-blocker. I suspect in the short term some sites will go under, their viewers will brow the remaining, better ones, more often. Eventually users will forget to install a blocker on new devices because they don't get annoyed by adverts and you can start extracting revenue from all of your readers. I think users and the surviving content creators will both be better off.

It's literally the tragedy of the commons, there are enough page impressions to go round, but desperation to get the most out of them before they are gone because everyone else will, has stripped most of those impressions of any value.

I wonder who'll be the first news site to force you to use another browser.

Fujitsu SPARCs up liquid cooling for smartphones

Bracken Dawson

Heat-generating Component

Surely it's far simpler to just take the "Heat-generating component" out? Who even needs that in their smartphone?

Oi, Tim Cook. Apple Watch. I DARE you to tell me, IN PERSON, that it's secure

Bracken Dawson

Remember when El Reg could spell?

I don't. :-P

BIG, CURVY Apple models: Just right for SLAP AND TICKLE

Bracken Dawson


Witness, Apple market research in progress.

Hint: They're not making a squishy phone.

Half-Life 3: CONFIRMED?

Bracken Dawson

It's happening!

Douglas Adams was RIGHT! TINY ALIENS are invading Earth, say boffins

Bracken Dawson

Had to...

I for one welcome our new microbial overlords.

iOS 7 SPANKS Samsung's Android in user-experience rating

Bracken Dawson


They're all deluded fanbois.

Sent from my iPhone.

Storage rage: Like getting a nice steak and being told to only eat 80% of it

Bracken Dawson

Storagebod working for BBC watchdog?

This reminds me of the story of cinemas charging a lot for popcorn, the beeb sees a greedy cinema raking it in on popcorn sales, the reality is a business barely afloat and that a fiver plus a few quid on 20 pence worth of popcorn is what it costs to watch a movie now. If us vendors stopped charging for the last 20% tomorrow, we'd charge you more for the first 80%, it would be no different.

But! There is a difference here, the vendor who can let you reliably keep 1% spare will win, it will drive innovation, and not just in the product. Go on, everyone ask for it.

But first, ask for your drives to be picked from different batches, we could at least halve double disk failures if we tried.

Buy a household 3D printer, it'll pay for itself in months!

Bracken Dawson

Not if...

Not if all you print is that tool for squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

Bracken Dawson


It's already hard enough to stop my ISP from breaking DNS.


I want to find Hypercompuglobalmeganet's home page, I'll just type that into my broswer and let it google for it.

Followed by: BT has detected that the web page is not available.

Oh sod off, where is the opt out for this crap?

Seriously tempted to pay for a pure DNS service from someone else.

Just what is Big Blue now shipping exclusively to the Chinese?

Bracken Dawson
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Re: Any word on how many back doors to the NSA is in this equipment?

None whatsoever. But then, what would I say if there were?


Buffalo herds DDR3 RAMs into DriveStation's spinning rust corrals

Bracken Dawson

RAM caches do work.

A RAM cache is a nice thing to have, they can work very very well. It isn't ever going to drive the RAM flat out over USB3, but it will be faster than the disk alone. It's not entirely pointless.

I wonder what happens when you unplug it?

Oi, butterfingers! Drop your mobe in a pint? Hope it's not an iPhone

Bracken Dawson

Half a second?

The Samsung lasts 18.8 seconds and the iPhone only lasts 18.3 seconds? Well the iPhone is clearly utter tat compared to the shining beacon that is the Sams... oh wait they're both dead.

If you drop your smartphone in a pint you better hope it was an empty...

Dot Hill: Performance isn't everything... check out our, er, cheap capacity

Bracken Dawson

More valid than most rubbish I see in Reg Comments.

Yes I appreciate the irony.

SPC-1 definitely has to be interpreted, a big box of RAM isn't suitable for everyone (anyone?)

They're trying to say they've made a high capacity box that doesn't perform like a dog or cost a lot, and they're sitting amongst the frontrunners in that race, over toward the capacity flank. Doesn't "stand out" though.

Apple said to develop curved glass iWatch with Foxconn

Bracken Dawson

Cover up

Hype to hide that they are doing an iCamera, shortly they'll get sued by Samsung again over their android cameras...

Reg Hardware Awards 2012: The Winners...

Bracken Dawson


You are wrong, game of the year is DayZ.

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it

Bracken Dawson

UEFI sucks really hard

It just does, doesn't matter what the box is, it will be littered with bugs if it has an EFI BIOS.

I can't actually get into the BIOS setup on my Gigabyte Z77 board if the SATA mode is RAID, I've wired the clear cmos jumper to the front panel reset button to get around this problem.

Don't like your cell network? Legal unlocking ends TONIGHT in US

Bracken Dawson

What are they going to do?

What are they going to do, DMCA take down request? LOL!

Sheffield ISP: You don't need a whole IPv4 address to yourself, right?

Bracken Dawson


Just give us IP6, the addresses are totally shorter.

Facebook snubs storage barons for cheapo Far East kit - insiders

Bracken Dawson

Back doors

Back doors are a Holywood thing...

Software sucks these days - and just maybe it's all YOUR fault

Bracken Dawson

Slow software

I do agree, I'm not keen on the tendency to develop far faster, usually. Firefox for example, I still can't move my bookmarks around, how can you go through tens of major releases and not fix that. But the excuse these companies always use is that they have to do this in order to compete, which means people are buying it, STOP BUYING IT!

Cockatoo grabs his tool, manages to get hold of boffins' nuts

Bracken Dawson

I for one welcome our new stick wielding cockatoo overlords.

Someone had to.

Six months under water and iPhone 4 STILL WORKS

Bracken Dawson


"notruf" is German for "emergancy call"...

Politico's locked room mystery Linux install crime solved

Bracken Dawson

So he had his windows broken and then he broke his windows?


Huawei: Half a million IOPS? Pah, we can do better

Bracken Dawson


Is the disk famine over yet?

Fusion-io flies into flash SAN space

Bracken Dawson

Re: ok, I'll ask...

At half a million $ for 1.5TB, apparently not.

US county named 'area of outstanding natural stupidity'

Bracken Dawson

Not AOONS at all...

Upon reading the article, it is clear that none of the incidents mentioned qualify for a Darwin Award, by your own definition; this is not an AOONS. I must insist that you publish a retraction.

Phone-raiding Trojan slips past Apple’s App Store censors

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Thought this was about Facebook...

Little difference TBH.

Puny US particle punisher finds strong evidence for God particle

Bracken Dawson

Nice article, shame about the title.

Has anyone had any idea what a Reg article is about before reading it in the last couple of years? Granted this one is ok, the "god particle" in this title is a well known term now (even if it's a ****** term used by idiot hipsters). But it's been a long time since I've seen a title make a lot sense now: "Dell drowns competition with defective ducks..." WTF!?

Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD

Bracken Dawson

Fuck me this is news!

Chips running right up against the limit crash!!!!

This does not change at all in Windoze 8, just looks different. Carry on.

That new 'Microsoft GCSE': We reveal what's in it

Bracken Dawson
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So what's in it?

Go on, feel free to tell us if you know...

'You don't have to take Prozac to work at Capita - but it helps'

Bracken Dawson
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Maybe they should stop presenting their clients users with such a shitty GUI?

LOHAN seeks failsafe for explosive climax

Bracken Dawson

Works at altitude?

Can that parachute open forcefully enough to pull the chord in the thin air at ~100,000ft?

Could I suggest an alternative which detects lift from the baloon: http://iamtheb.org/me/weightdetector.GIF

Aerodynamics have no part to play. No unreliable pin to pull. Spring still ensures electrical contact.

When the weight of the payload is zero, it is in freefall. Keep the tube long to account for turbulence.

Hackers expose 6.5 MILLION 'LinkedIn passwords'

Bracken Dawson
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Is it real?

Worst case:

The file name is combo_not.txt, so it may just be a list of just the hashes that a simple dictionary attack could not solve. The cracker really has every detail from every account but didn't share it.

Best case:

Some joker just published an sha-1 of the Oxford English....

I suspect we will never know. Change your passwords.

UPS death in Pulsant data centre knocks out websites

Bracken Dawson

Partial power disruption during scheduled maintenance.

Partial power disruption during scheduled maintenance = somebody tripped over the chord.

Giant paper plane thunders across Arizona sky

Bracken Dawson

Looks like falling to me...

Nuff said.

Facebook: Your boss asks for your password, we'll sue him! Maybe

Bracken Dawson
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Two ways to dissuede intelligent applicants...

1. Attempting to gain access to social media content that you otherwise cannot.

2. Requiring pain in the arse assessments, like a 15 minute automated skype video interview which gives you 5 minutes to answer each question to camera. I wouldn't have done that even if I did have a fast enough broadband connection back then.

Workers can't escape Windows 8 Metro - Microsoft COO

Bracken Dawson

What does windows 8 look like?

I have been attempting to google this but I simply cannot find anything that I'm sure is what Windows 8 looks like...

This might be because IBM allows me to use ANY OS which meets the security requirements, and I'm used to a sensible gnome desktop.

Apple: We never said Siri would actually work in the UK

Bracken Dawson


Do they have "pubs" in Austrailia?

Clearly Siri doesn't work their either.

The God Box: Searching for the holy grail array

Bracken Dawson
Paris Hilton

Sounds like...

...a product for a storage admin who is unable to think about what the application actually needs. We're never going to see this for one big reason, a thing with everything will always cost more than a thing with what you need.

I'd love to try and do Virtualisation in a server located thing though, decentralised replication, eeer, QoS definately required.

Gelsinger pops lid on top-secret EMC Lightning code

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OH! MY! GOD! Two flash cards have the same heat-spreader!!

They're not even the same profile...

WD outs 6TB monster drive

Bracken Dawson

Not a drive.

That, sir, is an array.

Poll confirms Reg Hardware readers' verdict

Bracken Dawson
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Best or most popular?

Is the survey adjusted to consider the number of people who have used each service?

SuperDuperISP could be the best thing ever and have only 10 users take the survey, so come in low.

WTF is... wireless HDMI?

Bracken Dawson
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Goose objection.

This seems like a great way to spill gigabytes of traffic into the air making it even harder to use WiFi. All for devices which for their years of life; NEVER MOVE!

It should be illegal for stuff that sits still to use wireless connections, use a cable FFS!

The cost of not deduping

Bracken Dawson
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"dedupe is coming next year"

We'll keep hearing this line for a while.

Get ready to not really be sure how much storage you actually have. Someone could wipe out heaps of back end by simply using "Find and Replace". But then thin provisioning is a bit like this already.

Wot? No glasses! Tosh goes 3D crazy

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Are they not listening?

Nobody wants 3D, NOBODY!

Most of the "3D" media you can get (with the exception of toy story) is not 3D, it's a 2D video which has been made selectively blurry and all out of kilter by Intel, who seem to think they have a way to turn 2D movies into stunning 3D. Intel; you can't, just stop it.

Ford cars get draconian parental controls

Bracken Dawson
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Speaking as a first born...

...my younger brother was far more restricted than me. Though he has written off 4 cars in 8 crashes to my faultless record. My parents saw this difference coming long before we started driving.

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV

Bracken Dawson
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It's because...

...3D TV is shit.

I have never been impressed, it makes my eyes and brain hurt watching it. The sooner the craze (lol) dies down again the better.


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