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Sir James Dyson slams gov's 'obsession' with Silicon Roundabout


Re: Come back when you manufacture in the UK Mr Dyson

Not completely true, video games can have their fair share of outsourcing too. Check the end credits screen for Batman Arkham City - the bulk of development done in North London, but what most be close to one thousand people at various sites around the world completed the game testing / review.

Crafty app lets phones send data by ultrasound with speakers, mics


Indeed - and Chirp mentioned at launch that they could in theory adjust their system to use the inaudible range.

ALIEN DETECTION was SUPPRESSED by the BBC - top boffin


He seems to be downplaying the news here :-

Brian Cox: 'BBC did not ban search for aliens on Stargazing Live'


It sounds to me like the usual, you can't make any jokey comment if there's potential to put the BBC in a bad light. 'Health and Safety gawn mad!' and BBC bashing in one story... quelle surprise.

No GPS in the iPad Mini Wi-Fi: People are right to criticise


Plenty of times I use my Nexus7 running Google Maps, while using the wireless hotspot of a cheapo Android handset in my pocket - a great combo for infrequent use.

I can't imagine GPS support adding much more than $2 to the BoM, so in typical Apple fashion it's not because it's prohibitive, it's because to chip in £100 to get the higher-margin cellular models. it plays to the carriers, too; why have one data plan, when you can pay for two?

As with the lack of desktop widgets and low level access in iOS, they don't seemingly want to secure any power users; more the average Joes with cash to burn.

New Mac mini: Business in the front, party at the back


Re: Massive Fail

Lack of discrete graphics is a pain, but maybe Apple has a plan in mind... I *think* I'm correct in saying that it's feasible to use the bandwidth of Thunderbot (now or in the future) to include your extra GPU as a small bulge on the cable? Potentially flexible configs, if keeping with the Apple cable tax.

Google adds 25 million grey building 'footprints' to Maps


...and those working in counter-terrorism.

Rumour: Asus rejects $99 Nexus 7... rumour


I personally find GPS on the Nexus7 to be invaluable for proper sized maps on the street - I use my phone's WIFI hotspot for the data connection.

Also, haven't teardowns shown that ASUS have left SIM card / module space in the Nexus7 design where future tweaks to the hardware could easily be made to add such a feature?

Ten apps to install on your Nexus 7 first


I added Ultimate Rotation Control to the Nexus7 which works with the standard launcher and does a good job of rotating the home and lock screen, amongst other features.


Watching Olympics at work? How to avoid a £1k telly-tax fine


How many individual office / shops / workplaces are there in the UK where you could watch a TV? Let's say 10m. How many enforcement teams do TV Licensing (Capita Business Services) have? Would 250 be the upper assumption? How many reception areas could they possibly get to, within working hours, inside two weeks? My basic maths suggests that in the worst case, if you watch a TV in a workplace without a licence, if you're not tipped off by reception, there's around a 1 in 1,000 chance they'd catch you. Buy a lottery ticket and cancel out the odds.

I know it costs Capita very little to send out a press release, getting nervy office managers in fear of their mortgage payments to stump up for a TV licence they are unlikely to require for the rest of the year. But at least consider the relative risk.

Google makes money on Nexus 7... just


Re: But

The rumours suggest that ASUS break even on the deal and should be grateful for the opportunity from Google to have their brand share the limelight.

Crypto boffins: RSA tokens can be cracked in 13 MINUTES


There was a quirk in the travelcard paper tickets in the mid 90s that meant that you could aquire a magnetic stripe number that would open all barriers on the system and never expired - there was a TV prog investigation in to it at the time.

Scottish council muzzles 9-year-old school dinner photo blogger


At school I was bawled and shouted at by the head of IT at school (who was going red in the face) for 'ripping pins out of a VGA cable' whilst using it on a machine. He wasn't interested in hearing my excuse that some of the pins were designed to be missing on VGA cables... but on the upside, we had another teacher who was brilliant, got me involved in IT buying decisions and went on to inspire Apple's Jonathan Ive from his time at the same school.

Google's latest webspam crusade 'breaks' search results

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I know someone who almost by chance managed to game the search engines for adult site referrals. In his own words, he's 'worked' a total of around 16 hours over the last 6 years, simply collecting the aff. cheques from the mail and handing his bank statements to his accountant. He has an above average house with plenty of toys, owned some very expensive cars and spends a fair proportion of the year watching TV and going away on holiday. His only real skills are writing HTML to a level that was fairly average even 10 years ago.

I'm not envious of his lifestyle - he got lucky. But I find it hard to have a shred of respect for the fact provided with this golden opportunity of money for (next to) nothing he has done nothing to further his own skills or operation.

Changes in Google ranking factors since the previous update are seemingly giving him new cause for concern and a reduced income. If this latest Google update is another slap in the face for these so called 'internet entrepreneurs' then I'm all for it.

Olympic champ ad blitz dents Virgin Media despite £1bn sales


Re: The best advertising...

Dyson is a good example of this. Firstly, they try to get maximum word of mouth from innovative design.

James Dyson spends a good proportion of his time giving interviews to the media, promoting what they do.

They have opened a press office in West London, dedicated to assembling the media for new product launches.

Their TV campaigns are created in-house - they simply hire a director + crew to film the TV adverts.

Their on-line presence is maintained in-house.

This strategy makes them highly competitive against others with their average products who have have to shell out big bucks to ad agencies and other supplies to promote their products and get them noticed.

As seen with how expensive it is for Virgin Media to attract and retain customers.


Wrong. Branson has no direct involvement in Virgin Media, his Virgin group gets paid a sum each year for the use of the branding and as I recall, there's an agreement in the small print for how much he personally gets to take to his tax haven each time he's used in their publicity.

RIP Ceefax: Digital switchover kills off last teletext service


Re: Ceefax nostalgia...

Same here - I was browsing the teletext news headlines in the mid 90s and discovered by chance that someone on my skiing holiday, who ran a pizza takeaway in London had been arrested for a murder. I don't think it made the national headlines.

Bio student thrown in the clink for Muamba Twitter rant



Just in case anyone assumes this idiot sent just the one innocent tweet shown in the article, I invite you to view the complete collection someone helpfully created in to a YouTube video :-


Schools IT supplier RM swings to full year loss after sales dive


We had mainly RM kit around my school in the 90s, although on one occasion I convinced one of the more maverick department heads to buy some machines from a better value local supplier, despite it not being the done thing with the local authority. Said department head also mentored a young Jonathan Ive some years before my time at the school, which might go some way towards the inspiration for 'thinking differently'.

Rumoured 'GarageBand for e-books' to bulldoze textbook biz


Similar quotes might have been heard when the first printing press was unveiled.

Raspberry Pi Linux micro machine enters mass production


Take a look...



They've mentioned that an optional case will be made available for it in time.

Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure


Rambo First Blood, part II?

That Brit-built £22 computer: Yours for just £1,900 or more


The Raspberry Pi foundation have already said they have no issue with their design being copied and produced by someone else. Their aim is to make cheap computers available to everyone. If someone clones their design, so much the better.

Attention metal thieves: Buy BT, get 75 MILLION miles of copper


Maybe at one time... Didn't BT sell off and lease back a good proportion of their property? Regardsless, it's not if there's a shortage of vacant commercial units at the moment.

Use found for Twitter and Liz Jones

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The Daily Mail will now spin it and report of tax payer's money (Gift Aid contrib) being handed over to foreigners.

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