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Virgin Media biz service goes TITSUP* across London

wolfetone Silver badge

"Surely councils would have a backup link(s) with another provider that would seamlessly fail over..."

That would cost money. And unless you are the Surrey council with a golden handshake deal, you haven't got a fat lot of cash to spend on backups like that.

European MPs push for right to repair rules

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Re: Re : "and LEDs that likewise can't be replaced"

"The object of the game is to not drop the phone in the first place."

Yeah, because gravity never gets the better of us. Does it?

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Re: Re : "and LEDs that likewise can't be replaced"

"Bring back replaceable phone batteries. Not just for longevity but also so that bigger capacities can be installed."

You know you're right. It's been years since I had the misery of dropping a phone, having the back of it fly off and the battery go in the other direction.

The yoof of today don't know the struggle!

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First thought was "Awesome! I can't wait to..."

The the cold realisation that Brexit means Brexit and that I'll probably never benefit from this rule set in. Depression ensued.

Thanks Nigel, thank you Boris.

Nothing could protect Durex peddler from NotPetya ransomware

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I thought that's what the wire brush and Dettol was for though?

Feelin' safe and snug on Linux while the Windows world burns? Stop that

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I Feel Safe Today

Because my OS doesn't use systemd.

Create a user called '0day', get bonus root privs – thanks, Systemd!

wolfetone Silver badge

I wonder will we get to a point in the future where Systemd becomes it's own operating system and splits from the Linux community?

I would shed a tear, but the sooner that bollocks Poettering stops being such a clown and takes his abomination systemd with him the better.

He really is the Yoko Ono of Linux.

wolfetone Silver badge

Or for those who don't like getting their hands dirty, Devuan.

El Reg partners with Action for Children to give IT industry an uncomfortable night

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Re: Action Man?

"Modern Kiddiewinkies are far too precious and wrapped in cotton (undyed organic, from a Fairtrade estate naturally) wool to be allowed something as nasty as an Action Man. Action Man is far too politically incorrect."

My first Action Man was the space one, where he had a jet pack and a blue thing that shot out yellow arrows. The second Action Man I had was a swimming one with a canoe. Neither of which are particularly politically insensitive?

I'm fully aware I've just dated myself.

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: Not interested

^^^ Someone didn't get an Action Man for Christmas one year, decides to be a c**t for the rest of their life.

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"Action for Children, the UK charity which has been caring and sticking up for vulnerable young people for 150 years."

Such a depressing indictment on the United Kingdom to have to need a charity to look after the young of our country at all, let alone for the last 150 years.

Good luck El Reg, it's a worthy and noble cause.

Nationwide banking suffers its own Black Wednesday

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Very nearly made the mistake of saying "Why do people still bank with these clowns?", until I re-read the article and I realised it was about Nationwide, not Natwest.

Carry on.

MH370 researchers refine their prediction of the place nobody looked

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"Australian researchers who haven't given up on finding Malaysian Airlines MH 370 have told a conference in Darwin they believe they know where it is likely to be."

Forgive me when I say "You said that before".

Bonkers call to boycott Raspberry Pi Foundation over 'gay agenda'

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Sort of what I meant yes.

"Christians being tolerant, but not compromising in their beliefs, would treat gay people as fellow 'sinful' human beings, no worse than anyone else, and would NOT point fingers nor say god hates them. They could still believe in the bible without being asshats. Well, in an ideal world, anyway."

Well yes. Ultimately the thing is to get along with each other, not to be a dick etc. If someone kills someone, it's usually with intent. You chose to do that. So you can rightfully expect that act to be condoned. But to be gay? Like another poster said in regards to some clown who said homosexuality was a lifestyle choice, I can't remember when I chose to be heterosexual. To be gay is to be something you're born as, you have no choice on the matter. You can no more help falling in love with your male best friend than you can the colour of your skin. That bit isn't considered, and if it was then actually Christians shouldn't even consider those who are gay to be sinful.

wolfetone Silver badge

As a Catholic, I'm absolutely outraged that that utter bollocks of a human being was given a keyboard and internet access. I'm also the proud owner of 6 Raspberry Pi's, a bag of Skittles, a Zippy teddy from my yoof, and a Mrs.Doyle costume that I wore for my stag do in Prague as I'm getting married to a woman next month. So to that gorm, how gay am I?

You know what, I read the whole article and there were two things that really got me thinking. The first being what gay agenda the Raspberry Pi had on my desk, and how the f**k Change.org is used. I've signed petitions for various things in the past on that website, but then all I get day in day out is "Why don't you sign this petition to save dogs in Africa" or "Do dying llamas in Tibet mean nothing to you?". Bloody hell, I signed one petition to require cyclists to have insurance and a license and I get all of this blackmail? I digress.

If he was a proper Christian, he'd know the ultimate rule that the world's greatest socialist (that's Jesus, btw) taught was: don't be a dick. Jesus didn't say "God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve", and he definately did not say "Thou shalt not use a Raspberry Pi because it'll make you gay". The ultimate take home message from the Bible is "Don't be a dick". But it pisses me off that the arseholes who attend church on Sunday's, dripping in jewellery and driving their brand new Mercedes Benz cars, turn up because they think by turning up they buy shares in the afterlife. They nod, kneel, chant Amen at various bits and sit their patiently while scripture is read out that basically says "Don't be a dick to your neighbour or the poor bloke on the street. You don't know what they've been through".

The very moment they go out of the church they'll walk past a homeless guy and ignore him. Brilliant. You've spent an hour in church being told to help your fellow man and you walk straight past him. And I bet pounds to doughnuts this utter fucktard of a human being is one of these arseholes.

Happy 4th of July: Norks tests another missile

wolfetone Silver badge

North Korea launches a rocket? Brilliant. But given their track record I'd be more worried if they launched 100 rockets and they were all successful. A lot of the time they test one and it breaks.

Plus, I'm not in America. So er, yeah. Feeling pretty darn safe where I am right now!

Male escort says he gave up IT to do something more meaningful

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Re: i did this when i was younger

"All it lacked was someone bragging that he'd screwed the gym teacher."

I did try. But I wasn't her type.

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Re: i did this when i was younger

"Whats the "right thing"? I've no regrets. I couldn't imagine going out with some middle age woman when I was younger, I wanted someone who had similar cultural reference points and was fun, not someone boring on about the beetles or presley and her mortgage payments."

Ahhhhh, see now here we have the problem. And this can all be settled with this one line:

I didn't date older women. I shagged them. No relationships, nothing. Just a text or a call to say "You busy? Fancy some fun?" and then in half an hour I'm riding them like a donkey. Again, something women my own age didn't want.

So there.

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: i did this when i was younger

"30 years experience with women says otherwise sunshine."

Anyone can have 30 years experience. It doesn't mean you have 30 years of experience doing the right thing.

And, for the record, nothing desperate about it. It just so happened older women were a lot more adventerous in bed, a lot less needy than girls my own age, and all of them had their own place.

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Re: i did this when i was younger

To think that, in my youth, I would chat middle aged women up in clubs and have a wonderful time with them.

No one told me I could've charged them for it!!!!

China pollutes ocean with bloody big rocket

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Do you think the controller was wondering what was going wrong, then realised he was looking at the wrong screen and was playing KSP instead?

One-third of Brit IT projects on track to fail

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50% are said to be in denial, while 10% remain smuggly happy that their projects are on time.

NASA: Bring on the asteroid, so we can chuck a fridge at it

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Give Dave Lister a load of booze and a snooker table, and he'll deal with any asteroids ok?

Fancy fixing your own mobile devices? Just take the display off carefu...CRUNCH !£$%!

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Re: Older audio equipment

I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses old audio tech.

I bought a National Panasonic music centre (the ones with the turntable, tape deck and radio) and it came with some 1980's spec Amstrad speakers. The guy selling it said it comes on, the tape player moves, the turntable moves, but theres no sound. It cost me 99p.

A bit of a fiddle and an hour later, it was working. Sounded a bit funny, but I plugged it in to an Arcam amp from 1984 that I was given for free and a set of Mordant Short speakers, and bloody hell! It sounds awesome.

wolfetone Silver badge

Then you should take it straight to Johnny Ive and tell him that you didn't want a thin iPhone, he did, so he should be made to fix it.

wolfetone Silver badge

We could just buy older tech that is easily repairable?

Wouldn't that be easier?

Guys? Guys it's lonely here!

Fresh cotton underpants fix series of mysterious mainframe crashes

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Re: @wolfetone

"What kind of sysop is that???"

A sysop that gets laid.

wolfetone Silver badge

"Surely a moment calling for supreme delicacy and tact?"

Quite right. I'm sure he didn't open with "You know, that dress would look better on my bedroom floor. Because I don't have servers in my bedroom with anti-static protection on them."

US Senators want Kaspersky shut out of military contracts

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"So, how is Barcelona nowadays?"

I know naaaaaaaaaafing

wolfetone Silver badge

"Unless you are asking a question in French, I think you mean Cue."


Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows

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Re: Pipe Dream

"Would that be where Corbyn won an approving tweet from Farage for firing front benchers who voted against the Conservatives?

Labour was the recipient of a large quantity of tactical votes. They were not given for any other reason than people want the conservatives opposed. If Labour stays like Blairs neo-Tories, they will not get those votes next election and more of their supporters will desert them again."

That would be where Umunna decided to be a little prick about things and cause a rebellion on wanting an ammendment that could never happen. Not only did it go against the Labour manifesto that he supported but it also goes against what the country - rightfully or wrongly - voted for.

For the record, I voted to stay in the EU. But I'm not a wanker about it and I accept that it's happened. If the tables were turned, those who voted to stay (who are crying now) would tell those who voted to leave to shut up and accept it.

99% of those who voted know now it's a stupid thing and given the opportunity to vote in a second referendum the result would be completely different by a much bigger majority. That's not going to happen though unfortunately, although it's hard to know what to think when it's getting more obvious by the day that May won't be PM by the time the negotiations are finished, whenever they do finish - as there is scope in the legislation to extend negotiations if it's supported by all involved.

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: Pipe Dream

"Of itself, there is nothing wrong in out-sourcing some aspects of healthcare to private companies."

There is plenty wrong with it, because private healthcare firms need to turn a profit in order for shareholders to get their investment back. WIth healthcare how do you turn a profit? Something has to go, something has to give.

Private healthcare in the UK is a joke anyway. I don't get it, but I know some who do. One guy I know died recently had cancer. He was fairly well off and had paid in to a private health care fund for as long as he was alive basically. His health care provider deemed his cancer treatment too costly for them to foot the bill for, so he was referred to the NHS.

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: Pipe Dream

"But I sense that Corbyn's Labour party is a different animal, with a genuine commitment to social welfare and the NHS."

I would like to think so, but after Chuka Umunna's stunt yesterday I have the feeling that a lot of them are wearing masks which will slip the moment they get in to power. Corbyn, I feel, is on the button with it and genuine, along with other MP's. But MP's like Mr.Umunna that spent the majority of Corbyn's time in leadership trying to oust him are keeping their heads for the time being.

But they'll be back unless they're rooted out. And until that happens, I don't think the NHS is all that safe from those Labour MP's either.

wolfetone Silver badge

Pipe Dream

But it's a pipe dream that I hope happens.

The Government - and I won't name names, but both the Conservatives and Labour are infested with these parasites - don't want there to be an NHS in the way that it's free for the people of the UK to use. They want an NHS in name only, but with it's services divisioned up and provided for by private health companies. Virgin Health is already one provider, and they're also suing the NHS at the moment after losing a contract bid which the NHS tendered out and the NHS won.

The Government are doing their best to bring this change around quickly. We've seen this week, after a month of praise for our emergency services for all their hard work, won't have their 1% pay cap removed. But there are 10 DUP MP's who do absolutely nothing other than say "Aye" (which is a change from them saying "Never") who have collectively gained £150 million each.

We have also seen over the last 7 years funding be cut. Services outsourced to private companies. Hospitals built in such a way where by the NHS Trust that "owns" the building end up paying rent to the builders for 100+ years. I don't recall the correct term for that, but that was started by Labour and continued by The Nasty Party.

The last thing this Government want to do is do the logical thing and replace an ageing abandoned operating system with something that will work and gives the organisation more control over it's security. It'll be for the private companies who (if unchecked and allowed to prosper under this government) to provide their own computer systems, allowing the NHS to cut back to become a silo for patient records instead. Not to mention what would happen when Microsoft start lobbying the Government to be allowed to either upgrade or remedy the Windows XP situation. They have previous with this when the Government mandated that all documents created should be available in the Open Document Format, not the Microsoft Office Document one.

Virgin Media cuts 250 jobs amid £3bn Project Lightning cockup fallout

wolfetone Silver badge

"We understand that despite the cuts in head office, none will affect directors"

What a fucking surprise.

Rackspace goes TITSUP in global outage outrage

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"So the charity made more during the 3 hours outage than it would have saved over all that time on the cheaper cloud plan? I'm glad you don't manage my finances.."

The type of charity I worked for exists as a charity in order to not pay taxes. They don't really give anything back to the wider community no matter how much they say they do, because their members don't agree with helping or including those from various parts of society they deem "common".

I can't say any more than that, otherwise I would give the name of the charity away and you can all see how that would end.

wolfetone Silver badge

In a previous life a charity I worked for had their websites etc with Rackspace, on a dedicated server and paid handsomely for it.

Rackspace, continually, asked if I wanted to move to the cloud. It'd be cheaper etc. I declined every time. When I left under bad terms, I think my assistant/back stabber continued that process. And I'm happy to report that right now, while the Rackspace Cloud is crashing and burning, the charity's websites are still up and going strong.


French general accused of nicking fast jet for weekend trips to the Sun

wolfetone Silver badge

Completely agree.

wolfetone Silver badge

You can't be doing that!

That plane is meant for killing people. NOT for use as a taxi!!!

London suffers from 'sub-standard' connectivity - report

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Awww, is poor London suffering from some rubbish 4G?

Try living in Birmingham and getting reliable 3G.

Don't panic, but Linux's Systemd can be pwned via an evil DNS query

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Re: Ah well.

"What do you mean, "*in* systemd"? Surely the sentence should have been simply "A nasty bug: systemd.""

The spell checker in the OP's systemd word processor obviously has an undisclosed bug too.

wolfetone Silver badge


You know, genuinely, I was worried when I read this. I immediately went to my laptop and checked for updates. I got even more worried when I didn't see any updates for Systemd.

But, when I sat back in the chair thinking "Shit what am I gonna do?!", it suddenly hit me.

I use Devuan.

Murdoch's £11.7bn Sky takeover referred to competition regulator

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I heard he's being consoled by the bosom of Jerry Hall right now.

You won't see that on the front page of The S*n though.

America throws down gauntlet: Accept extra security checks or don't carry laptops on flights

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Re: How about if we stop making more terrorists in the first place?

"Not entirely sure that the ISIS terrorism problem is really all about US interventionism"

Completely right. People should just accept another country blowing their homes up, blowing their parents and children up. ISIS just woke up one day and thought "You know what, those Americans. I never liked the way they cancelled Joey on us. Let's bomb them".

It wasn't interventionism. It was an all out illegal war. Don't sugar coat it.

Innocent people died, blown to bits in the most disgusting ways. Imprisoned in a foreign country, their religion mocked in front of them. Fathers picking up their dead children in their arms, killed by an American built, British dropped bomb. Promised that the big bad Saddam would no longer harm them, only to have their country raped (and that's exactly the right word) of it's wealth and assets and decend in to complete chaos while the instigators brush their hands off and say "Well we've done our bit those lads we trained up will clean the mess up".

You have to be either completely naive or a total idiot to believe ISIS wasn't created out of the above.

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: How about if we stop making more terrorists in the first place?

Why does anyone have to be anti-sementic?

If it weren't for semen in the first place none of us would be around.

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Re: How about if we stop making more terrorists in the first place?

"Remember the Talibans?"

Ah yeah, the fellas who stopped the production of opium in Afghanistan. After the US and UK got rid of them, opium production flourished. Now Afghanistan have a lost generation of junkies killing themselves on heroin. That is, of course, if the frequent car bombings don't kill them first.

Thanks for that USA and UK.

The bloke behind Star Fox is building a blockchain based casino. No, really

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Re: http://provablyfair.org/

I didn't know about that website, but if I did I would've posted it.

Rackspace shoves Splunk in its data trunk

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"Where do you find Punk?"

"In my sheets."

*looks of bewilderment*

"Spunk. *put put*"

Love Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Looking for an Ubuntu Unity close cousin? Elementary, my dear...

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: "An"? I had no idea!

"I pronounce MATE as 'ma-chay' just to annoy everyone or make them worry that they've been saying it wrong."

A certain podcast host pronounces it "ma-tay", and it's the single reason for me not donating anything to him.

Say it properly if you're going to say it at all!

wolfetone Silver badge

Re: Worth more than zero...except for me.

"Is the Lenovo yoga issue fixed? the touch pad and wireless?

The wireless is the biggest pain as the yoga has no wired ports."

That's an Ubuntu issue, maybe even a Debian issue.

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