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Uber won't face criminal charges after its robo-car killed woman crossing street

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"I'm not sure how Uber gets a pass on this."

I could hazard a guess as to why they get a pass on this. I think a lot of people could. But to say why would probably get this comment deleted. Palms were greased, blind eyes have been turned. Move along now, let the poor smuck "driving" the vehicle pick up the can.

Lenovo kicks down door of MWC, dumps a stack of sexy new ThinkPads

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So here we are, Lenovo still not giving us the opportunity to buy a ThinkPad with a proper keyboard - not this chiclet Apple-like bollocks that has infested the line for years. The keyboard, really, is the only reason why my T500 is still used daily today. If there was a laptop with a comparable keyboard my T500 would be retired. Alas, there isn't, so on it goes with it's 4th battery and new SSD.

Fan boy 3: Huawei overhauls Air-a-like MateBooks

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If this laptop had a keyboard like the old ThinkPad's used to have - none of this chiclet bollocks that's infested everything - more people would buy it for that then the fact it looks like a MacBook.

Amazon Prime Air flight crashes in Texas after 6,000ft nosedive

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Re: Age?

It's a routine thing to "wet lease" aircraft to other people, and it's even more of a routine thing to store aircraft until such a time when the aircraft is needed. They're usually kept at a desert location, to mitigate corrosion issues.

There was a crash years ago involving an airline called Manx2, THAT was an interesting investigation due to the opaque nature of the ownership of the aircraft. Obviously I'm not suggesting anything wrong with the ownership of this aircraft, just pointing out another aircrash that was interesting in terms of investigation.

My 2 cents though, I wonder if there was a large shift in the centre of gravity of the aircraft, cargo came loose and shifted.

Granddaddy of the DIY repair generation John Haynes has loosened his last nut

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The Lada's from 1976, so technically it's outlasting my marriage at the moment.

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The 3008 was built in 2010. I just checked the Haynes website again and there's still no manual for it.

As for the Lada, it's a 1976 Lithuanian import. So it's not doing too badly for an old Lada, although it's a non runner at the moment. it will be when I've done it up though!

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If you listen to my wife she'd tell you both were a waste of money!

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Everyone buys a Haynes manual after buying their car. My old man did it, I still do it, everyone does it.

What people don't say though is that if there isn't a Haynes manual for a car then that car isn't worth getting. I can confirm that the Peugeot 3008 that I'm stuck with until May doesn't have a manual for it, as there wasn't a demand for it (according to Haynes). It isn't coincidence that a car that's just pure crap doesn't have a Haynes manual for it.

Even the Lada Riva has a Haynes manual! I should know, I bought a Lada a month ago and bought the Haynes manual for it a week later!

One click and you're out: UK makes it an offence to view terrorist propaganda even once

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Re: 1984

Well, technically, he'd be arrested for being part of a terrorist cell with his exploits in Catalonia.

Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019

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Re: Has anyone...

They might drop a load of them on Venezuela before the 6th April, just to get rid of the ones that can't be upgraded.

'Numpty new boy' lets the boss take fall for mailbox obliteration

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"He didn't see the funny side."

Quelle surprise.

Happy Thursday! 770 MEEELLLION email addresses and passwords found in yuge data breach

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"Now is a good time to get a password manager app"

Until one of them gets hacked again, then what?

RIP 2019-2019: The first plant to grow on the Moon? Yeah, it's dead already, Chinese admit

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There is a commonality between this experiment and every time my wife buys a plant.

Both die within days. So I'm wondering whether my wife is now part of this mission or not.

Typical! You wait ages for a fast radio burst from outer space, and suddenly 13 show up

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Maybe it's from that drone they couldn't find at Gatwick...

NHS England claims it will be all-digital within the decade

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Re: Let's be honest

30k after a few years

£30k isn't enough to deal with bed ridden people, having to pull them up to change their bedding, or administer chemotherapy to people who are terminal, or to provide end of life care. Especially when you consider an MP gets £80k, 6 week holidays and can merrily fuck off for 3 weeks over Christmas while they country's in crisis.

But yeah, I'd love to live with you if you think £30k is enough for that.

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Let's be honest

If they just paid nurses a decent wage, made the environment in which they have to operate better, and made it so that GP surgeries couldn't make it as hard as they could to book appointments, everyone would be happy.

But no. Throw technology and money - which doesn't grow on trees for nurses but does for the DUP - at something that sounds good BUT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN because CRAPITA.

This is the final straw, evil Microsoft. Making private GitHub repos free? You've gone too far

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GitLab is still the premier choice though. Not only is it free for unlimited collaborators and projects/repos, you have the option to install it on your own servers.

Taking back control of your code, Make code repos great again etc.

Happy new year, readers. Yes, we have threaded comments, an image-lite mode, and more...

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Still no tin foil hat Icon though...

New Horizons probe reveals Ultima Thule is huge, spinning... chicken drumstick?

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Re: Chicken drumstick

At least it isn't a smegging garbage pod....

The Great British Curry: Put down the takeaway, you're cooking tonight

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Can I substitute the cheese for Dairyleigh triangles?

London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones

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Re: I wonder if...


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Re: I wonder if...

Surely you'd try this out at a smaller airport like Luton or Birmingham?

But you'e quite right, it's odd. Heavy rain, multiple sightings, and I heard on BBC Radio 5 this morning that Gatwick said they didn't look like consumer drones but more industrial.

And, then you have to consider aliens too.

Dixons Carphone smarting from £440m loss as it writes down goodwill on mobile biz

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Re: hate it. use it

"What! It costs you £15 to take a dump..."

I've got a big arse so I go through a lot of bog roll.

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Re: hate it. use it

Best upgrade I made this year was buying a Nokia 105. Battery lasts a week, I know it'll work whenever I need it to, I can make calls (when Tesco Mobile's O2 network doesn't go down) and I can text.

But BEST. OF. ALL....

I can play Snake when I'm having a dump, all for the low low price of £15.

Supernovae may explain mass extinctions of marine animals 2.6 million years ago

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I think it's disgusting that the universe relies on nuclear energy and hasn't discovered renewables yet.

You're legit and you know you are... Thanks to chanting racist footie fans, linking to dodgy stuff isn't necessarily illegal (well, in Europe)

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The right of free speech includes the right to offend, and it includes the right to defend.

If someone wants to say something horrific, let them. But it's in the public domain, and it allows those who are offended to state why that person is wrong. Banning such things from being said then allows the original person to cry persecution, and leads others to think why can't it be discussed in a public forum so that people can understand what they said was wrong and disgusting. It gives a chance for all sides to put their case forward, and for the wider audience to understand the situation.

But banning things just leads to the abuse of power, and in the end that's what festers strong feelings without recourse for education or for people to be told why they believe such and such a thing is wrong. That's what breeds terrorism, that's what breeds underground movements, that's what breeds people to go out at night and target sectors of the public.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

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An update 20 hours on:

O2 say they've fixed the problem and it's all back to norman, but I'm still sending texts and I'm still getting messages saying the texts weren't delivered or sent. So yeah, clusterfuckarooney.

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Re: Pffft

"32m out of 66m, that means 34m are ok, so YOU LOST, GET OVER IT!!!"


wolfetone Silver badge

I'm on Tesco Mobile, my phone has no internet anyway so I'm not too bothered about that. But I haven't been able to send a single text message all morning, including now at 12:35pm.

I'm outraged etc etc. Secretly I'm glad though as I don't have to talk to anyone and can actually do work.

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Re: Pffft

"32m phones, which is not quite the same thing as 32m people,"

Exactly, drug dealers use 2 or 3 phones.

Pencil manufacturers rejoice: Oz government doesn't like e-voting

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Who uses a pencil to cast their vote? Use a pen!!!! You can't rub out a pen.

Although saying that, I know some pedantic commentard is going to prove to me you can.

Apple co-founder and former CEO has the most expensive John Hancock on the planet

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Re: Very good of you

I pity the fool who paid £40,000 for something you can get for free off the internet.

Pulses quicken at NASA as SpaceX gets closer to crewed launches and Russia readies the next Soyuz

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Re: Elon & Drugs

Remember: America likes to be seen as saints in public, but perverts in private. Do as NASA say, not as they do.

Boeing 737 pilots battled confused safety system that plunged aircraft to their deaths – black box

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"It's simply not safe to let humans fully fly an aircraft, pilots like to talk about the good old days when everything was manually controlled but the truth is that pilots have never been very good at fully flying an aircraft and never will be. Accident rates have plummeted since the computers took over.

Some pilots still like to think they are big hot shot mega dicks who are fully in control of everything and you will see some commenting that this crash was 100% the pilot's fault and say things like "hur dur any good pilot would have been able to resolve the situation"."

I think the pilots of the Quantas A380 that had an engine explode would beg to differ on that one. Especially when all the computers crapped themselves and basically said "We give up, it's up to you", the pilots landed it safely without hydraulics or anything like that.

wolfetone Silver badge

I remember watching an episode of Air Crash Investigation and they were talking about fly-by-wire controls that Airbus have, and that Boeing don't do that because they would rather trust the pilot to fly the plane.

What happened to that?

GTA gamer cuffed, charged after PS4 live mic allegedly overheard him raping teen girl

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Makes you think how many Amazon Alexa's, Xbox One's, Google Home's etc have been listening in to people and have been witnessing these crimes.

Baroness Trumpington, former Bletchley Park clerk, dies aged 96

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"Hopefully her family send her away with a box of fine cigars..."

Next time my wife moans at me for smoking a cigar I'll direct her to that article, pointing (with said cigar) "SHE LIVED TO 96!!!!"

Check your repos... Crypto-coin-stealing code sneaks into fairly popular NPM lib (2m downloads per week)

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Re: No software can be trusted

"I beg to differ, I have a tendency to trust code I've written and tested myself. "

But we can't trust your code, and that's what they were getting at.

Analogue radio is the tech that just won't die

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We have a DAB radio in the house for the dog when we're out. One day I was at home and it was rather stormy, and I noticed the signal on the radio kept being interrupted. I dug out an old Ghetto blaster thing with an FM radio on it from the mid-80's, there was no loss in signal.

Call me old fashioned, but DAB isn't ready for the mainstream yet.

In Space, Still: 20 years since Russia hurled first bit of floating astronaut hostel into orbit

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Shades of Mir?

Shades of Space Station Freedom. And that didn't work out well for the original version of Trump's Presidency either.

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Re: Polyus/Skif/TKS

Well the initial stages of the ISS that came from Russia were originally intended to form the basis of Mir 2. So it's not a surprise to think it looked like that.

Well that's just spliffing: UK Amazon merchants peddling Mary Jane

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In various places in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, you can pop in to an industrial unit and fill your car up with Red Diesel. There's signs for it on the road, along with the the wording "Available to the General Public".

Across Birmingham you can message a chap on Instagram, get his username for a private chat thing like Discord or Telegram, and you can request their "Menu" and provide a postcode and these guys will rock up to wherever you are with a quantity that would've normally got them put in prison for a length of time.

The issue being is that people in the UK do not give a hairy shite about the law any more, because they know damn well the police either aren't interested or there isn't enough of them to actually do their job. Anyone who's rang them recently to report a crime will testify to this.

And then you get that absolute clown of whoever she is (manages the Met Police), saying she'd rather her police investigated misogyny rather than burglaries. What a way to instill respect and trust in the police. Wow. Well bloody done.

Behold, the world's most popular programming language – and it is...wait, er, YAML?!?

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Ah, I remember the good old days when first tinkering with Symfony and you had to use YAML for everything. Writing the YAML files manually, God help you if you put a tab in your YAML. It'd knacker the whole thing. For months all I heard were my fellow developers smashing the space bar four times for most of the day.

Bloke fined £460 after his drone screwed up police chopper search for missing woman

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Did they find the woman?

Alexa, cough up those always-on Echo audio recordings, says double-murder trial judge

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Privacy Policy

I don't own any of these assistants, but I know that if you ask Alexa about Amazon's Privacy Policy it won't answer you.

I told this to someone on a true crime group on Facebook, and they said they just asked Google's thingymebob what Amazon's Privacy Policy was, and apparently it responded "They don't have any".

Scam or stunt? It's looking like the latter... Xiaomi so sorry for £1 smartphone 'promo'

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Shut up and take my money!

Oh wait, you can't.

GDPR USA? 'A year ago, hell no ... More people are open to it now' – House Rep says EU-like law may be mulled

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Re: I don't care what they do

"Anything would be an improvement over the wild west we have over here now!"

You say that like it's never been the wild west over there?

Lucky, lucky, Westminster residents: Who better to look after your housing benefits than Capita?

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"Are they setting themselves up for another Carillon style fiasco?"

By the time the turd hits the juicer no one who signed the contracts will be in any position to face justice.

Woke Linus Torvalds rolls his first 4.20, mulls Linux 5.0 effort for 2019

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"The asterisks go around the *not*, you cretinous amoeba!!!"

The *asterisks* go around _anything_ I WANT YOU F**KING IDIOT! DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!

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