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40,000 sign petition to oust Rep. Paul 'pit of hell' Broun


Re: Let him be

I have seen science change its mind often enough just in my lifetime to distrust all these "objective" conclusions. Science is politics, too. Look at all the deception, on all sides, surrounding climate change and environmentalism.

Even Einstein balked when Friedman showed him the universe was expanding, a concept he resisted against evidence for several years.

And not all error is deceit.


Let him be

I don't agree, but he's entitled to his opinion, just as the Copt in CA.

We are bound by our theories. One of my favorite lines by Larry Niven is in Ringworld, where one of the characters outlines someone's plan. His companion says it is theoretically impossible. His response? "Maybe he has another theory."

We didn't see the positron tracks in the cloud chambers until we had a theory to predict them. They were there. We didn't see them until we believed in them.

If he's wrong, and we're right, truth will win out, but truth unchallenged does not grow.

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Where does that term come from?

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