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UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'


We saw this movie

Saw this in Spider man 2. Did not work out so well.

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Tablets will overtake consumer PCs, says Fujitsu CTO


Attention S-Mart shoppers: That is why you fail

"users continue to shift from being content creators to content consumers"

Umm. You see where this is heading right? Please tell me you at least SEE it? Oh I don't expect anyone to have the balls to actually put down the remote and the bag of chips and get up and do anything about it.... like actually invent or build and produce anything.. that would be too much work.. But for the love of money, tell me you Know and Realize that you are walking into the showers.. thats all. just admit it. then you can go to sleep. I won't judge you. quitters.

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