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UK sight-loss charity sues BMI

John 180

Free to pay more as well, as lots of organisations like this charge extra for call centre bookings. I hope they either take the hint and sort their act out or take a right good suing to set the example for others.

In the greater scheme of things, and especially if built in early enough, this sort of stuff has negligible cost.

You do know you only have to build ramps on entrances to new build houses don't you? And that its cheaper and easier to build an assessable ramp than steps? /voe

OnLive sneaks Windows 7 into the iPad

John 180

Well worth a look . . . .

. . . . . only its only available to US region, as clearly stated on the site. Great fact checking.

Microsoft man saves drowning woman

John 180


A link of the highest quality.

I really had no clue at all until I read that.

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