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Politico's locked room mystery Linux install crime solved


I guess no one here has set scripts to auto install Linux before?

Euro NCAP to mandate auto-braking in new-car test


The only way this should become a "standard" is if there is a definite way to determine whether the brakes were slammed on by computer or human intervention. Otherwise I see a lot of issues with regards to dodgy insurance claims (he ran into the back of me because my car auto-braked ,etc.)

Blizzard faces court battle for 'misleading Diablo III fans'



It surprises me that with all the uproar that surrounds Blizzard, nobody seems to mention the fact that battle.net account passwords are case insensitive.

The words Wouldn't, Touch, and Bargepole spring to mind.

HTC disses Dr Dre by diluting Beats deal


Looks like HTC

Forgot about Dre

Now Apple faces Siri court room showdown



It's a bitch isn't it?

Facebook replaces non-Facebook mail addresses on Timeline


Email address is worthless...

...without POP / IMAP access. Else it just becomes another recepticle for off-site spam.

Tech fault at RBS and Natwest freezes millions of UK bank balances


Re: What is

It's when your wife duly informs you on pay day that you have no money left after she has checked your account.

Adam Sandler's cross-dresser shocker is Razzies stonker


Re: What?!?! A bad Adam Sandler movie?!?!

And if it is tripe, doubly so!

Brazilian cops hunt pillaging 'gang of blondes'


Re: why not have a second "under duress" pin code

"I thought that there was some plan to have it as being your existing PIN in reverse. That way you don't have to try to remember it. I.e. if pin = 1234 then panic = 4321.... "

Because some people may have reversible PIN's, e.g: 1221, 7777, etc.

Warner Bros boss moots 'disc-to-digital' scheme


I'm out.....

Until they let me use these digital copies on my Linux box, which most current ones won't, I'll stick to ripping my DVDs manually.



"It's a serviceable enough shooter, but it's also highly formulaic and linear, shifting you from one duck shoot to the next with no variation in pace....."

You mean like Call of Duty? The FPS equivalent of FIFA or countless other year in year out games? Funny though that each new iteration of the CoD series seems to get consistently high scores, despite just being a rehash of the previous games rehash of ..etc, etc.

The problem doesn't lie with the developers, more with the fickle and braindead gaming community. Create a game that's original with unique ideas and gameplay style (which is what gamers keep asking for apparently), and you're sure to get a massive backlash of people moaning that it's too different and "needs to be more like CoD".

It's a shame, because most big studios are now too scared to be adventurous and invest the millions needed to make a truly original game, but instead have to shoehorn ideas into neat little boxes ideal for the gaming masses.

Google pushes your buttons in its top strip bar - AGAIN



There's even a bang for The Reg. I've just emailed them asking to add !elreg as well.



This is why I use DuckDuckGo these days. The use of !bangs to search a plethora of sites (even google and shopping sites), and the fact that DDG couldn't give a crap about what I talk to my mates about.

Plus the money they make from ads is shared with the Linux Mint community, which is nice.

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade

Big Brother

Targeted ads..

For your stash of pron anyone?

Virgin Media finally turns an annual profit


Installation Fees...

That are a nightmare to waive - even for just a modem install, are probably what are driving up the profits.

Virgin mulls handing out free Wi-Fi


@Velv & "Anons"

Thanks for the extra info. Thought I must have been because that could have opened up a whole new can of worms.


So on one hand...

ISP's want us to be very careful online and not pirate things, and on the other want us to allow complete strangers onto our wifi?

Or am I missing something here?

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