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The cyber-weapons paradox: 'They're not that dangerous'


Re: cyber weapons are part of information warfare

I really hate to say this, but any NEPM launch would look identical to an ICBM launch to people in places such as NORAD, who may assume, quite reasonably that it is instead a MIRV or similar. The consequences for that mistake would have literal and figurative fallout, which is why it really would be an awful idea in practice.

RIM to turn in BlackBerry-using looters after London riots


RE: Classic gun nut

I live in America in an area with relatively favorable laws toward gun ownership, however I heartily agree with you.

Where I live, the 'Castle Doctrine' (locally nicknamed snidely 'make my day'), is written explicitly into local law. This explicitly justifies lethal force in some circumance in the defense of home and property, but in practice it is of no use in a Riot (and would probably not be viewed as an acceptable use of force, in any legal defense.)

I could have the same day I could legal drink, bought a high-powered hand-cannon, filled it with armor piercing bullets, and gotten a permit so I could legally carry it concealed on my person. But it isn't going to keep me safe. It would just escalate any violence, and leave more human carnage.

Microsoft skewers Google's anti-Android conspiracy claim


Logic Fails

If you want to take away ammunition for patent based attacks, you make sure you get a license to these patents either alone or by consortium. If Google turned it down for the logic that sharing the patent licenses would weaken them, then Google could have attempted to defend them alone (not unlike if it had acquired them alone).

If Google had joined the consortium, at the very least their cost as part of a joint bid would have been lower, and the total price would probably have been lower too with less major bidders eyeing the package for themselves.

Maybe Google should have thought this out more, especially before making a conspiracy claim and maybe if this comes back to bite them, some heads should roll, specifically, Drummond's or Walker's.

Dell Streak 7 Android tablet


Pocket Issue: perhaps a Smartphone

I agree with you, on the Pocket Size, as I was debating getting either a netbook or a tablet for casual portable use. I usually carry pocket books with me in naturally, pockets, and looked into this as base for size, the size of a Moleskine notebook or slightly larger.

Unfortunately this is close to Smart Phone sized, which could be a choice except, they aren't quite powerful enough, and their use like a tablet would murder battery life. And its designed to be a freakin phone with a little more added, not really as a tablet.

I just want my damn Tricorder or PADD, and I want it to fit in my coat pocket. (Hence a coat)

Cabinet Office government-by-Facebook plans probed


Oh the Absurdity.

From a Yank, (I am certainly in a place where Echelon et alii could be standing over my shoulders but in practice, they are fairly inobtrusive:) this would absurd in my country.

The only place where my government has close come to allowing OUR own faceless corporation access to comparable information, was allowing (not requiring), the use of commercial tax software to e-file taxes (for the conveniance of multiple parties involved, including the government.)

And this is with American Companies, based on American soil. Yea, if I was on your side of the pond, I would be livid too.

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