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El Reg keeps pushing Apple's buttons – its new Magic Keyboard


"No numeric keypad, deduct one"??

Unless you're an accountant, the lack of numeric keypad is the only thing to like about apple keyboards Why? Because for a right-handed person, removing the numpad brings the mouse closer to the keyboard. Speedier transitions and a lot less wrist strain.

The only problem with removing the numpad is that it is only done when trying to make the teeniest keyboard possible, so the designers always sacrifice the home, end, pgup, pgdown, delete keys - a bad mistake.

If you want a numeric keypad, go and buy a separate one, then you can decide where to put it, instead of inflecting its misery on the rest of us.


Dell Streak 7 Android tablet


Screen resolution fail

So this device has the same resolution screen as my £80 Orange San Francisco smartphone!

I can only conclude that this device is for those with deteriorating eyesight.

For this device to be useful it needs 1024 x 600 screen - the same as a 7" netbook.

Here's my pricing guide for all you fondleslab pretenders to the throne

7", 800x480, GPS, WiFi £150

7", 1024x600, GPS, WiFi £200

7", 1024 x600, GPS, WiFi, 3G £250

10" iPad , GPS, WiFi £400

Always, always compare what you have to the iPad, since all your customers will. It needs to be significantly cheaper.



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