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Transparency thrust sees Met police buying up to 30,000 bodycams

Jason 41

Re: Can't wait for... @AC

Ding Ding Ding...

We have a winner

We can't give you the footage due to the official secrets act/terrorist activities ... and or has footage of children on there and so if you want to see it then you must be a terrorist or pedophile

Chrome trumps all comers in reported vulnerabilities

Jason 41

And isn't the primary use of IE for downloading Firefox?

Lenovo shipped lappies with man-in-the-middle ad/mal/bloatware

Jason 41

Revenue vs Cost?

Ignoring the build quality, preferred OS etc arguments above

Surely the only reason Lenovo installed was for some kind of payment from Superfish?

Does anyone have an idea how much this might add up to?

Then I wonder if this gets out of the 10 o'clock nightly news how much this is going to cost Lenovo in lost sales? Joe Average may well not understand the ins and outs, but the gist of "Lenovo laptops steal your banking details" may well stick in his mind and get passed around like a Chinese whisper

Google puts Chrome credentials on USB drives for two-factor authentication

Jason 41

Re: Malware

But why oh why can the banks not tie that token into Verified by Visa etc?

For me at least I wouldn't find the need to have my token around, to buy something online, a pain.

Will we ever can the spam monster?

Jason 41

Re: There is only one way. @Terry 6

I read that as re-election

SHOW ME the MONEY: Payment code spied in Facebook Messenger

Jason 41

It's things like this

All these apps and doohickey's and wotnoty widgets sometimes make me wonder if I'm missing out on something amazing since I'm not on Facebook (which is obviously why I read the articles)

Then I think 'meh'

Cut-off North Sea island: Oh crap, ferry's been and gone. Need milk. SUMMON THE DRONE

Jason 41


Tenacious D already thought of that - Tube technology, the scientists are on it!

"The second decree: no more pollution, no more car exhaust,

or ocean dumpage. From now on, we will travel in tubes!"

NSFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGsFP1_kxiY

UK gov rushes through emergency law on data retention

Jason 41
Black Helicopters

Model T

I do wonder if basing anything even remotely linked to privacy on an American model is actually doing us any favours?

Reg reader fires up Pi-powered anti-cat garden sprinkler system

Jason 41

Damn you El Reg

You made me watch cat video's on You Tube

I'm such a cliché now


Brit celebs' homes VANISH from Google's Street View

Jason 41

I never gave a thought to where Tony Blair might live, or indeed a second thought to Tony Blair at all

A small search and I found much clearer pictures all over the interwebs. Now I know the address and how many armed police stand outside his door (always a bit of a give away perhaps?)

@You have not yet created a handle - thanks for that link, made me laugh :-)

Lords try shoehorning law against revenge porn into justice bill

Jason 41


We are constantly being told that Govt's (especially ours in the UK it seems) are slipping extra clauses / amendments in on the quiet.

It usually seems to be yet another further encroachment on any freedoms we thought we had the day before

This amendment seems to have a pretty narrow focus so maybe not the worst thing to get passed?

We got behind the wheel of a Tesla S electric car. We didn't hate it

Jason 41

Re: No. @unwarranted triumphalism

What a very odd thing to say

'Sterile neutrinos' re-ignite 'we found dark-stuff' debate

Jason 41

Re: Does sterile neutrinos = sterile quarks?

Smarty pants!

Ohio man cuffed again for shagging inflatable pool raft

Jason 41

Re: Mebs he just misunderstood some advice.

You git!

Microsoft challenges US gov over attempts to search overseas data

Jason 41

Sleight of hand?

Waiving a court order in one hand, doesn't it make you wonder what they're giving away with the other?

Hell, MS might even be playing an NSA stooge here!

</end of cabaret themed post>

TrueCrypt hooked to life support in Switzerland: 'It must not die' say pair

Jason 41

Re: CryptTrue

I was thinking its bound to become ProCrypt

But someone already appears to have grabbed that

US skywatchers get Earth's first peek at new meteor shower

Jason 41

Re: Meanwhile in the UK

So that answers my next question then

French teen fined for illegal drone flight

Jason 41

"...needed proper training?"

No, sorry.

I would need proper training, given the video I would say Nans knew exactly what he was doing

Boffins debunk red wine miracle antioxidant myth

Jason 41

Re: Newsflash!

"....who wants a liver forever"


Revoke, reissue, invalidate: Stat! Security bods scramble to plug up Heartbleed

Jason 41

Won't affect El Reg though!

Ok I get it, reg doesn't like Yahoo! I'm not so fond myself to be honest

But please. They patched it straight away. There are still lots of sites out there, according to the article, which still pose a problem

Would it possibly more useful to mention the danger sites rather than banging on about Yahoo! who aren't?

Just a thought

Play.com tech titan snaps up 'VoIP-tastic WhatsApp' firm Viber

Jason 41

Yep..and now play.com appears to be down!

Damn it, I wanted to buy t-shirts

Facebook struggling to find 'immersive' Home on Apple's iPhone

Jason 41

Re: free content ?

Shouldn't it actually be

"Constant stream of personal I formation to the content free site?"

Crypto shocker: 'Perfect cipher' dates back to telegraphs

Jason 41
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Thank you!

I understand now

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