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Holy SSH-it! Microsoft promises secure logins for Windows PowerShell


Re: already doable...

Yes, I read about that https://www.nomachine.com/node/2519.

They're available here: https://www.nomachine.com/NoMachine-OSS-ports

Cloud? Nah, we're not bothering with that, say HALF of enterprises


Re: Strike 1 for a bit of common sense

Keeping data in-house is what our company has preferred to do, for years. We've had the client-server model already implemented on Linux servers (good ole NX), and thrown in a few Windows for good measure, since 2005. Seven years on we've obviously tweaked a few things here and there. Changed from Red Hat to Ubuntu, updated Windows, even increased our Nomachine servers and clients, and along with that embraced the BOYD movement. I think that's enough cloud isn't it?

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Part One


Thank goodness someone thinks that

Finally! Someone actually thinks that you should wait before installing, at least til the initial moans and groans have been fixed. And need we mention Rosetta?! I completely and utterly agree!

If you install it, and everything's fine, I'm happy for you! But I am sick of pro-Mac-ers going on and on and on and on about how cool it all is and then wonder why some apps don't work!!! Didn't you check this BEFOREHAND? God!

I use Snow Leopard and won't be installing it til it's rock solid.

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