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Apple Mac Mini 2011


As I said before

I said in a previous post prior to the release of the new mac mini that I thought Apple would go this way. We all don't download our music or movies. Some of us like to have a physical product that allow us to rip music to our Macs etc, and play in our car etc. We also like to watch our movies on different mediums. Alot of us want to install software that we have only on disk and not have to pay out for more 'Stuff' just to be able to do what can already do with existing equipment.

I don't see the lack of a drive as an advancement until the whole of the UK has superfast broadband where we can all watch and download movies via the web, (my speed is okay so I am not a grumpy old git ). I just see the situation as an expensive box of tricks that looks good but one you add additional equipment makes the whole thing an untidy box.

Oh well.....


Next 15in, 17in MacBook Pros to be MacBook Air skinny



I wrotre this last week, perhape I may be right....

Okay, so this is the wrong place to make this comment but has or is anyone bothered that the new Mac Minin has no DVD drive. So what !!! some may say, but I for one who was waiting to buy another Mac mini to replace my aging old Mac Mini may need to fork out additional money to buy an external DVD drive.

What for, well to burn DVD for videos I produce, to RIP CD's to iTunes ( why buy CD's when I can download from iTunes store, because I can get legal music cheaper from online stores and also to load my Logic Pro 9 and DVD version of Aperture.

Perhapes future Macs will not be supplied with a DVD player, Apples future, rip off Brits with ever increasing prices in the App Store, iTunes, iCloud, once your captured your stuffed; me iGo back to PC.




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