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Use your loaf, Europe! Eat more fibre - high-speed web lobbyists


Re: A few questions

Personally I don't need that much, but because I work from home and video conference lots I just want more than 2.5MB (and that's downhill with the wind behind me!) and I'd be happy to pay for it myself but that's not an option either.

Anyone know how to get your line moved cabinet?! If you cancel your line and get a new one does it go to the same cabinet?! Can I Banksy them and change the numbers round?!

Damn cabinet 51 ...


Re: Fibre my arse ...

I did offer to pay the extra 1" for them and they were going to quote me but never did.

Mentioned it to me neighbour before but he was too scared in case something dodgy happened over it and he was liable. Also offered to pay half his costs and share the broadband with him. Still no go!

Their house is up for sale at the moment, so fingers crossed the new owners will be more obliging!


Fibre my arse ...

Well, I tried to get Virgin and the whole road except my house and the one opposite can get it. Virgin came out and said the neighbours connection was one foot further away than they would extend. I offered to pay for the extra foot, no go.

BT upgraded the area at last to fibre and guess what, one cabinet was not upgraded as it was not economically viable ... yes, the cabinet myself and four others are on.

BT kindly advised me that there was no way to get your line moved from one cabinet to another, and that they have no future plans to upgrade the cabinet. If I want it upgraded, I will have to lobby my MP who of course will do sod all.

Therefor I am forever stuck on 2.5MB on a good day.

Absolute farce.

Ballmer disses Android as cheap and complex


What phone next for the girlfriend?!

My girlfriend has a Nexus One, I have an iPhone. Hers does sometimes wake us up at random times because the clock just decides to change, no idea why, and then sometimes doesn't go off! She wants a new phone (the battery life on hers is terrible), so I think wait a while and get a new Icecream Soda one, looks pretty :). I was thinking about getting her a WM7 but I just don't trust MS anymore to have the courage of their convictions. Zune is alive, Zune is dead, Zune is alive, Vista is brilliant, everyone buy Vista, oh wait, Windows 7 is brilliant, Vista was crap, oh wait Windows 8 will be brilliant, and every thing that is not Windows based is shit. Don't trust them and don't want to buy a product with him t the helm.

Girlfriend wants an iPhone 4 or 4S, I still keep telling her to wait for the next Googlephone, so now she wants me to wait and she'll have mt iPhone ... no thanks, I'll stick to mine ...

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Part One


Not so stupid ...

I did of course clone my drive before upgrading so have a fully working older system the unit still works on. Doesn't change my frustration that if I want to record using the new OS I'll need new hardware.

I've asked Tascam if I can have the code and produce an open source driver for it so we'll see what they say.

However, I would never describe it as someone's 'own stupid fault', that's an absurd statement and says "If you upgrade a system you should expect old hardware not to work anymore", that's a cop out for the manufacturer.

Microsoft managed to create a system where you could run things in another mode so they would still work, and had Apple had a Rosetta compatible mode for example then the hardware would still work.

It's frankly boggling that when we upgrade we are meant to expect things not to work, and even more baffling that people accept it and call the end users 'stupid', when the stupid thing is our acceptance of it.


Only one issue here

I've had none of the issues you list at all. Even ran Word by accident (I'm not really sure why I have it installed to be honest) and not fonts changed anywhere.

The big problem I have, which made me happy as hell that I'd cloned my boot disk onto an external FW-800 bootable disk, is that my mixing desk no longer works!!! Seeing as my Mac is used 90% for music recording and production, it's a bit of a big problem.

Mine's a FW-400 Tascam FW-1884. Yes, I know it's old, but it's a great desk and I don't want to get rid of it. I've emailed Tascam but had no reply from them at all.

Now I have a choice - use new OS and do no music, use old OS and do music, or sacrifice my desk and buy something else. Suddenly £20 does not seem so cheap ...

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