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'No representation without taxation!' urges venerable tech VC

Jill Kennedy


They just love to believe they are provocative and important. It's out of control. Here's a CEO who compares the 1% to Jesus:


The internet is 'a gift from God' says Pope Francis

Jill Kennedy

Pope Francis has jumped the shark:


Bloomberg's bomb: How SEC shredded Facebook's pre-IPO claims

Jill Kennedy

Facebook is Irrelevant

Facebook has a much bigger problem than some tiny SEC scandal during the botched run-up of the IPO. Their biggest problem now, one they will not be able to overcome, is that they have become irrelevant. Nobody cares anymore.


Facebook: 83 million IMPOSTERS stalk our network

Jill Kennedy

More than that

Another reason not to believe Facebook's recent earnings results. That number is much MUCH higher - probably around 200 million.


News Corp proposes divorce, Murdoch will look after TV biz

Jill Kennedy

Well, that's the end of that empire. At least Rupert will now have more time for his monthly Book Club Meeting...


Yahoo! bags! CEO! from! PayPal!

Jill Kennedy

Seems like a fairly solid pick. I don't know that you can turn that brand around. It's fine just as it is - it just doesn't really have much potential for growth. I say take it private, be content with OK profits and be done with it. I see that Carol Bartz has also received a job offer... from Manka Bros.


Groupon's IPO: don't get too excited about 30% rise

Jill Kennedy

The Trouble with Groupon

These first couple of weeks is the only real time to do anything with the Groupon stock. It's just a non-starter going forward. I absolutely believe senior management of the company believes that as well. Too many defections (before an IPO?!!), too many email freak-outs (Andrew Mason) - all the signs are pointing negative on this company. Speculators and "pump and dumpers" are really the only reason it did anything today. Watch it fall in the coming weeks.


Groupon will replace 1 in 10 sales staff to ensure growth

Jill Kennedy

The Online Equivalent of ValPak

The Groupon IPO will be a non-starter. In my opinion, this is a deeply flawed company with a questionable (to be kind) business model. They are an online equivalent of ValPak - basically junk mail.


Facebook 'personal' news feed gets algorithm rejig

Jill Kennedy

It's one thing to innovate - it's another thing to suck. Facebook must be stopped.


Groupon IPO back on the cards

Jill Kennedy


Look, Groupon is doomed. The owners may as well get as much as they can before the whole thing collapses. Daily deal fatigue, deals that aren't really deals, and the fact that thousands of other companies are doing the exact same thing will be the killers of this company. They should have taken the $6 billion from Google. One of the great blunders in corporate history (at least in this current era of great corporate blunders).



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