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Gov outlines Criminal Records Bureau successor



Why not go for a co-op based approach where the existing workers share a proportion of money left over from the budget? These private companies just seem to give employees a raw deal.

ICO won't investigate Tory minister

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It is quite funny though that the guy has brought attention to the fact that his constituency party think he's dishonest AND lazy. Imagine the damage this guy would do if he could get his act together!

Rupert Murdoch was never Keyser Soze


Euro Misery

The point is that its not possible to have a sensible debate on Europe as there have been so many lies. We pay money to Europe in an attempt to bring all European countries infrastructure etc. to a good level. The countries that bankroll this have tended to more than get their money back in exports from their (now free markets), so may have been good for the Uk. The Euro has messed things up, but Germans like to fix things rather than run away at the first sign of difficulty.

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Can we keep the politics off this site please!

If newspapers dont make money then why are the wealthy so eager to buy them? Information is power is an oft repeated phrase, in the 92 election the Evening Standard had the Headline 'Labour To Raise Income Tax to 60%'. Not sure anyone could objectively say that torrent of lies from news international, the mail group and the express didn't influence that election. As I say information is power, maybe I should have said misinformation is power!

UK dodgy-political-donor watch database canned


More research needed..

Did some research ie read second item from google after wikipedia entry and found out a few facts which illustrate the complexity of the proposed system. Unbelievably we have no national system to monitor registration to vote so looks pretty necessary to me, if you think you can do it for less then maybe you should contact hmg, cost is estimated at 7-22 million! The figures aren't break down how much of this is hardware, training etc.



Is a bit more than a corruption database

Took a look on wikipedia (can I call myself a journalist now?)

In the United Kingdom, the Co-ordinated On-line Record of Electors (CORE), previously the Co-ordinated On-line Register of Electors, is a central database which Government have proposed will enable authorised users a single access point to existing information stored on local electoral registers. CORE will not replace local registers, but will mirror exactly the information contained at the local level for easy access.

The legislative framework for CORE is contained in the Electoral Administration Act 2006, passed by Parliament on 11 July 2006.

11 million does seem a bit steep though, but then we can just invent figures now because we'll never know ;)

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