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Magpie Apple plunders the competition for cosmetics, as egos run wild


More hardcore fawn

Totally on the ball with gruber and his nonsense. Add other career Apple fawners with strange names to the list like Horace Dediu, Benedict Evans, Matthew Panzarino, John Packowski. Oh and Charles Arthur (think he needs to change his name..how about Chadwick Arthurelli?)


Google closes Android developer complaint forums


public forums

Well, how long will it take for someone to make an unofficial android developer forum? So there's always going to be a public discussion. Google just don't want it on their turf.


HTC loses prelim patent ruling to Apple, takes stock hit


Where are you Larry?

This isn’t about hurting HTC because obviously Apple shifts more than enough stuff to not worry too much about them.

This is purely an action to raise concern amongst manufacturers and try to stymie the attractiveness of the platform.

The patents in question are probably not going to hold, but Apple has enough money to drag this through the courts for long enough to create prolonged uncertainty as to what liabilities the manufacturers may have.

And together with Microsoft and Oracle they are working in a concerted manner, for differing reasons to hype this IP uncertainty.

Again, these patents don’t have to stick, these companies have enough money to keep going back to court again and again. The sole aim is to reduce investor confidence in the manufacturers who adopt the Android OS.

At the very least the manufacturers will back down and pay a licensing price, purely to seek some finality in the matter.

Again, this is just part of a concerted effort to undermine the platform.

Shame on Apple and their deluded fundamentalist followers who support this action, but where is Google in all of this? The silence is deafening as usual.



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