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Segway death blamed on good manners


Segway for disabled people

With all the jokes about the Segway...

I am disabled, and while I can walk, longer tours are a no go for me.

I have a wheelchair for that, given I find someone stupid enough to push me around ;)

But after visiting some exhibitions and the like in a wheelchair and some without, people really treat you in a different way when they see a wheelchair. I have tested a Segway, and it is such a difference to be able to look people in the eye and not somewhere else, it's hard to imagine. I think Segways would be great to aid people who depend on a wheelchair.

I hail from Germany, and at least here, there are two major reasons why it won't be possible for a while.

1. (This is probably very German) It was not introduced as something to use in a medical sector, so there is no way at all that an insurance would pay for that. Having it certified for use as a wheelchair or so would be a real pain in the butt

2. (I think this is the real showstopper) This thing is so damn expensive that most people would rather get a car for that price.

So while the idea of someone falling of a cliff on(off) a Segway has its humorous value, the Segway itself is not too bad...

Just my thoughts, though

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