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iOS, Mac, Android users still vulnerable to bogus certs


Android update

I guess Google will silently push out an update to all versions like they occasionally do with the market. Be nice to have some notification though.

Cant comment for IOS..

MySociety marshals griping commuters to fix UK transport

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RE Transport

Maybe Kings Cross too while you're at it.. Those ticket barriers sure help with crowd control.

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security


RE: Typical Apple

Then patent the concept, and claim everyone has copied it??

I'll get my coat

Online map suppressing crime reporting, says survey



Or is it that if you do claim, you can guarantee you will not only have to pay some stupid excess but suffer from vastly increased premiums for the rest of your life.

I speak from someone who got broken into, claimed for a laptop and a Wii console and is roughly paying double for my insurance now.

Just a thought.

Segway death blamed on good manners


They're everwhere

They're all over the south of France. The plod were using them in Nice, and I did a tourist tour there too. They're pretty damn cool but your legs ache after a while!

I've also been racing them in Yarmouth but never tried Thetford forest, surely they're not quick enough for that area ;) I'll get my coat...

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