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One-third of US consumers will buy an iPhone 5


most people will not buy iphone 5

any one that wants an iphone has an iphone and are locked into a 2 year contract,if you want a phone cheap you have to sign up for 2 year contract,4g if the iphone does not bring out 4g it will

be well behind other phone makers,no one will buy last years technology.prepaid is the only growing section,prepaid cant pay 500 dollars for an iphone that cost 175 dollars to make or less,other phone makers are dropping prices most companies will offer free phones for 2 year contract,theres a glut of phones and prices are dropping


New NZ copyright law means ISPs could cash in


Oh really?

"New Zealand has one of the highest rates of peer-to-peer infringement in the world". Where do you get this information? The ministry's website? 5000 per ISP? This is basically impossible. Why?

You may not be familiar with the concept; it's called "data caps". This is where the ISP's have turned a commodity (Bandwidth) into a priceless, limited resource. It's insanely expensive to have anything more than 20GB per month (land line), and prices start at NZ$80 for 4GB mobile. This puts a severe limit on what can be downloaded. A child viewing youtube videos (especially at high resolution) can smash 20GB in a few days - I've witnessed this happen. An HD movie can be anywhere between 8 - 50GB depending on your tolerance for compression artefacts.

The NZ$25 fee will stop movie houses issuing thousands of infringement notices at the slightest suspicion of copyright breach. This is a good idea.

For the record, I do not download illegally. Even if I wanted to, my data cap barely covers the basics.

- Rodney..



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