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Deep inside AMD's master plan to topple Intel


Timid doesn't topple

"If AMD can create a C compiler ..."

I agree with everything you said, however, playing along with the nonsensically exaggerated title of the blog post, your recipe can't/won't topple nuttin'.

It's high time AMD goes all in. Start from scratch. Throw out everything everyone assumes about how software and systems "have to" be developed and operate - forget the bad stuff, improve on the best stuff to create a top to bottom re-imagined stack and life cycle - complete with OS (not another clone of a clone of a clone of unix pretending to be special), GUI and software development tools (compilers? There's dinosaur) and apps and an unprecedented "contract" with the user.

Make it run everywhere, but run best on AMD chips. Focus on mobile, but support old-fashioned non-mobile devices too. :-) "Sure, Android devices are good, but have you seen Android+ ?"

~$100,000,000 <5 years. Completely underground.

Risky, but toppling isn't for the timid.




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