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Kill the blockchain! It'll make you fitter in the long run, honest


If it's not currency, where's the incentive to mine blocks?

Surely any blockchain project that *isn't* currency is going to have a really hard time persuading people to mine blocks and thus end up with what is basically just an inefficiently implimented centralised database which is open to insider abuse and mistrust by outsiders?

Creepy battery-operated teddy bear sex toy..,sadly, this is for real


How can the only Teddy bear in the world that has a bizarrely long, rigid, protruding tongue be inconspicuous? Unless I've lead a sheltered childhood and the world is now awash with impudent toy bears?

How Bitcoin could become a super-sized Wayback Machine


Re: Familiar

More like Mojonation (which morphed into Mnet), that had the concept of "mojo" being awarded for storage services and charged when you retrieved something, Mojo was a crypto currency which suffered from centralised servers though IIRC.

PlayStation 4 BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH blamed on power cords, TV sets, butterflies in China


"Blue light of death" is boring...

The syndrome has a much more catchy name, it's the "pulsing blue dickpunch of sadness", apparently :)


Linux kernel 3.9 lands


Re: Windows Desktop is from Venus, Linux Desktop is from Mars

The god in this case is Mars, not Linus. Calm down, it's just a bit of wordplay on the "A is from Venus B is from Mars" trope, not frothing lunacy.

Throttled customers rage over Virgin Mobile UK's tight cap


Bad positive feedback effect here

When tales of slow networks hit the news, all of a sudden everyone is running speed tests all the time to see if it's true or not and whaddyaknow ... slowness ensues :)

Judge: Apple not liable for dropped, broken iPhone screens


Re: Hell no, don't stop using glass!

"it's 30x harder/tougher than plastic"

The trouble is that many don't seem to realise that "hard" and "tough" are *not* equivalent. Toughness is the ability to flex and absorb energy without sustaining damage. Hardness is a measure of how much force it takes to scratch something. Leather is very tough, glass is very hard... I wouldn't make a glass saddle or a leather chopping board.

Marketing people have very tough skins which means they can bend these concepts around without fracturing their integrity :)

Watchdog probes rules for naughty mobe fondling on flights


The elephant in the room

it's not like there's all that much difference in terms of EM emissions between flight mode and "off" on a modern phone anyway, I'd imagine.

"Off" is easier for staff to check I suppose.

Computer error triggers mass rocket launch


Good to see the Reg upholding the tradition

of the media calling all big display fireworks "Rockets" ... They're "Shells" goddammit! Nobody uses rockets any more on a big public display, too much worry about where the sticks end up.

... Mine's the anorak with the bits of igniter wire in the pocket and burn holes patched with gaffer tape.

Kazaa founder Bermeister returns, with key cloud patents


I'd love to help @hamsterjam

But I'm afraid I don't have the relevant license to enable me to identify your data by its content.

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