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Lester Haines: RIP

Jim Anstiss

Lester Haines R.I.P. (Re-create In Playmobil)

Goodbye, Lester,

So long and thanks for all the dioramas.

I will raise a pint to you this lunchtime,



Chelsio box-o-SSDs does 1.1 million IOPS

Jim Anstiss

@Jake and Morg

As I read the story it was the iSCSI initiators that ran Win2k8r2 not the target, which runs their USS software (some cooked Linux distro?)

I imagine the reason there are 4 of the p320h SSD's is to stretch performance from 750k IOps each to 1m+ for the array and to add some fault tolerance.

Perhaps I didn't understand and should re-read the story again.


Coming Tuesday: 5 Microsoft patches

Jim Anstiss

@ Webster Phreaky

I see you are an "Admin for a large school district" so you are obviously used to being cr***ed on. But you are guilty of exactly the same...

I have patched nearly 100 Vista boxes recently, and for no apparent reason some doooo take much longer than others, even when same hardware and same factory disk image. (Yeah I can't figure that one out yet either.)

Best bit about your post is that you "claim" that plugging in your 8GB SanDisk UFD gives you 10GB RAM, maybe according to Vista... but have you actually bench-tested the performance benefit? I would bet you a "pint" that you actually see performance degradation over 2GB of physical RAM.

"READY-BOOST" does help but with lame under-powered boxes, shipping with 512MB of RAM running Vista "all bells and whistles". Your Windoze fanboi attitude is... well... mis-informed.

Wish I still worked in the education sector so I could get a sensible Netware server (running Netware, not SLES) for a super discount, rather than punting Windoze SBS boxes... I must have been evil in a previous life.


Jimi A


YouTube - uTube showdown stays alive in federal court

Jim Anstiss

Domains, owned or rented

I maybe wrong on this but...

I was under the impression that domain names are only rented from a registar, and are never actually your "property". Hence the need to pay yearly, 2-yearly, 5-yearly etc. And the domain name remains under the ownership of the registrar, they just give you permission to use it for the pre-paid amount of time.

So if anyone should be sueing for tresspass or similar, shouldn't it be the registrars? But hang on they own the other domain name too... Can just see the headlines now, "Network Solutions to sue self over (yo)Utube mixup" mind you stranger things have happened...



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