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WikiLeaks reveals new draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership

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About time

Wow, its been a while since there was a story about Wikileaks doing something useful.

Rotten to the core: Apple’s 10 greatest FAILS


How is iTunes not on this list?

Sure it makes them a lot of money but the software is terrible.

They WANT to EAT YOUR COMPUTER - welcome your ANT overlords


In Soviet Russia....

I ran experiments on fire ants (Solenopsis Invicta) and their behaviour in the presence of

electrical fields at University and whilst the reasons were not clear why they behaved

differently the phenomenon is well recorded. It was known as far back as the 1950's from studies

in Russia that small organisms don't like electrical fields. It was published in Russian initially and not well known. In essence it said if you plot a graph of smallest insect size you can spot versus distance to electrical pylons you get a direct correlation. I.e. really small gnats and the like stay well away, medium insects

stay a fair distance and only big things like birds go really close.

I always thought we should use this by putting ugly pylons down the middle of motorways to

prevent fly’s hitting windshields.

Now these ants seem to do the reverse by being attracted to strong electrical fields but at least last time I looked people were thinking of using that to build traps.

Toshiba prices up glasses-free 3D TV for Blighty


Re: what happens when more than 4 pairs of eye in the room?

I tried an early version of this tech with up to 5 fixed viewer sweet spots. Outside of that it usually just looked blurry or 2D, not far off when you take your 3D specs off in a 3D movie as you can see both images at once or just one of them as opposed to 2 images discreately.

So I guess on this TV the 5th person just sees that. TBH this is the way the tech has to go to get around glasses in the home (It will never work in 300 people cinemas) but one issue is going to be how close people can get before it stops working.

EU to push through more roaming caps in 2012


Perhaps some competition

I travel about 10 days a month in Germany and so have a German sim card, but in the last year the roaming charges have got low enough that for some things, especially texting its cheaper to use my UK sim in Germany rather than use my other phone. Ok perhaps I am not the typical person but it is a competative element and I am using my phones more as prices drop.

Star Wars 3D holo displays becomes a reality


It will need the box to stay

If they are using high enough laser powers to have a plasma reaction in the air then the lasers would be bright enough to blind. If you put your hand in the display a wedding ring or watch could reflect the beam to your eye and pop... So the box is going to have to stay for consumer versions and if that's the case there are alternatives for such a 3D display already.

GE brings holographic storage back from the dead


Speed also not important

This tech is taking an age to come of ages but I think we need some alternative to hard drives for backup. And if the killer app is cheap long term storage it has to be reliable and cheaper (taking into account the burner and disks) than hard drives but it could be much slower. 30 hours for a 500Gb cheap backup would be fine for most people for home use.

Hundreds of dot-brand domains predicted


How about not having any .

If other people are like me they will just type coke/microsoft, or whatever they are looking for into the browser bar without any extension and go to the 1st relevant hit. So it does not really matter if the hit is for coke.com or coke.coke I still just type coke with no dot.

Facebook snuffs Chrome extension for uncaging 'friends' data


If thats Evil I welcome our new overlords

Evil? seriously. Evil is when every single sh1tty Facebook app demands to know everything about you, your friends and everyone you have ever met before working. Automating the grabbing of a few details that you can with pen & paper is just time saving. I am skeptical that Google+ has a chance but I keep my fingers crossed that they can do something. They are perhaps the lesser of 2 weasels, weevils, evils, corporations whatever.

NotW accused of hacking Milly Dowler's voicemail


Presure to resign? People should go to jail for this

Simple as, there should be no, opps sorry here or even fines, put everybody who knew about this at the time in Jail for some time to think about what they did.


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