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Hyperspeed travel looks wrong: Leicester students


Re: This assumes you're looking out a WINDOW

Or watch re-runs of Silent Running on constant repeat and be glad their mission IS more exciting!


Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs....

The Kessel run involved navigating a particularly treacherous part of the galaxy. Using his souped up ship, Han effectively found a shortcut allowing him to navigate to the spice mines in a distance of less than 12 parsecs (pehaps power-to-weight and maneuverability of the Falcon come into play here). Nerdy ok, but that's the explanation!

Potty-mouthed Watson supercomputer needed filth filter


Further useful reading...

Perhaps they should let Watson scan through Roger's Profanisaurus next. I'm sure hilarity and high-jinx will ensue...

Microsoft Surface to hit third-party stores on Wednesday


Australian Outlet...

Harvey Norman has been confirmed as one of the Australian Outlets

BBC deletes Blue Peter from BBC One


There goes my concentration for the day...

Janet and Sophie together, bugger, if they knew the thoughts that mother-daughter combo puts in my mind thay'd take away my Blue Peter badge!

Iranian firms told not to use foreign email providers

Black Helicopters

Re: great

And the Xenophobic Ignoramus of the week award goes to...Mectron

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER


Re: Avatar?

Avatar was my nomination. It's not even a real film but is a mashup of EVERY FILM CLICHE IMAGINABLE.

The dialogue is awful, every character has been plucked straight from another film, and as for the love story element, "Now we are mated for life", after one roll in the bushes, COME ON, thats not love, that's a scary-blue-stalker-lady-who-one-day-will-boil-your-bunny.



Re: What must they think of us?

...and that the Anthem of the Peoples of the Human Race is 'Making Your Mind Up' by Buck Fizz


Wouldn't we go faster if we used the interstellar maximum as the fuel?

Geek seeks cash for Top Trumps-style CPU game


Perhaps he could include an 'Overclock' card, which if produced instantly doubles all your cards scores. Could get you out of some sticky low-spec situations

Japanese take World Solar Challenge


A bar with WiFi..

PIMP Gamers bar and lounge. From the finish line in Vic Square head to the Post Office and turn left :)

Apple wins for now: no Galaxy 10.1 in Oz


And they used to accuse Microsoft of being anti-competitive. Welcome to Apple, the axis of litigant evil.

'Indestructible' rootkit enslaves 4.5m PCs in 3 months


Cut the Windows v Linux crap

Have worked in the IT Security industry for over 30 years now, and the only reason Windows is targetted is down to numbers. Creators of these rootkits are in it for PROFIT only.

Were Linux or Mac to hold a 90% share of all home OS's, it would be targetted by and hammered with just as much malware as Windows is now, whilst the Windows owning minority would be crowing about how secure and trouble free their OS was.

Please lets make it clear, from the point of view of this Security expert, ALL operating systems are vulnerable to a determined enough attacker. Mac and Linux have just as many weaknesses as Windows, but it's not as worth while in terms of money to target them when trying to infect home based systems.

As was pointed out earlier, Eternal Vigilance is the only answer. If you beleive you're safe because you run Linux, you are delusional.

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