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Re Meh & Perl

"Does Perl handle SWIFT or FX or HL7 formatted messages pretty well OOTB at a rate of 100/second with guraranteed delivery of the results?"

Let's separate this:

- SWIFT or FX or HL7. Yes, though the libraries are not AFAIK open source.

- Out of the box. No. Perl or Python or pick your general purpose programming language is a tool, not a product, there is assembly required.

- Rate of 100/second. Yes. This is not even a significant rate for message transformation. Interesting starts at 500-1000/second per process depending on the transformation and the transport.

- Guaranteed delivery. Yes. You want a transactional message system, pick WMQ, AMQP, Tibco EMS.

The short answer is, "Yes. All day long. I make a living at it." The really short answer is "Hell, yes" :)



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