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Flamin' Nora! Brit firefighters tackle blazing fly-tipped boat

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Re: If it wasn't so stupidly expensive to dispose of stuff...

If you’ve got the money to buy a boat, you’ve got the money to dispose of it...responsibly. TCO.

If you’ve fallen on hard times, tough titties. You should have thought of that...and, at worst, give it away for free.

I think tip rates and conditions are perfectly fine and reasonable.

Is it me?????

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That's a damn shame. I loved being able to sync my Register before my Tube went underground and then read the articles while the Tube was actually underground.

But I do understand that you need to make effective use of your resources.

iOS update kills jailbreak

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I tend to agree. I would expect that, as Jailbreak has been a thorn in Apple's side, they just wanted to give a bit of payback to Team Pangu by crediting them with the snitch/dobbing in....if only to give Team Pangu a PR & comms nightmare to keep them occupied for a few weeks or so.

ICO: Data blunders by your cloud provider still YOUR fault

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Delegating responsibility

All I can say is that this is obvious that it is still their responsibility (and accountability).

Just because something is outsourced/off-shored/clouded doesn't mean that responsibility is similarly outsourced/off-shored/clouded. Quite the opposite: it means that you now have more responsibility as you now need to ensure that it is all being managed correctly.

Otherwise you end up with the equivalent of CDS/exotics packages that started the Credit Crunch: toxic SLAs, managed by incompetents, wrapped up in good SLAs etc etc.

For example, what if your cloud provider decided to outsource their administration to G4S?

Moore's Law has ten years to run, predicts physicist

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Graphene will be key to take Moore's Law strain

As Gronkle says, Graphene is already spinning up & ready to take over from where Silicon's physical limits are reached. With the atoms being so much smaller than Si and some, I believe, wondrous other characteristics at such a small scale, I think we have a way to go yet, maybe even until quantum chips do come online in quantity.

Battlefield Earth ruled worst film EVER

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Re: I can't hold back

Philistine. Starship Troopers I is a classic. I knew it was gonna be cheesey (I think it's supposed to be) but I was actually very surprised at how well it was done.

As to 2 and 3 though, oh, yes, I totally concur. They were oh so bad that it would have been better to watch an Am-Dram Senior Citizen version of it in a theatre.

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Re: I must like shit movies then

I also like most of those...maybe not for its direction etc and sometimes the direction is so bad that it is a cult classic. I have Battlefield Earth on DVD and watch it every now and again.

Believe me, there are quite a few DVDs I do have that are "high brow" that will never ever see the insides of my DVD player ever again.

Which reminds me, I'm overdue watching "Where Eagles Dare" again: a film choc full of clichés, it's absolutely a masterpiece.

And I also concur, I watched Battleship last weekend and, compared to many in that list, it was complete and utter drivel. Even the storyline barely hangs together. The effects were OK but why the hell would a civilisation that could travel between stars in days/months only have the capability of half-hearted swimming and ballistic weapons? Practically everyone on that movie needs to be shot, from scriptwriter onwards.

Gmail goes titsup for 30 MILLION PUNTERS

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Yup, I am a POP3 user too...but I use hmailserver rather than VPop3 (on Windows 7 too). A) because it's free and B) because it has never screwed up yet (after about 5 years' use).

Soup up your home network

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Re: Gigabit Cable

Indeed, I suffered from this when I got a Gigabit WD MyBook, which is now consigned to the Shame(d) Shelf. To ensure you invest in a good NAS, I would recommend http://www.smallnetbuilder.com for your research.

'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard

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Re: The viPad

Do you think a Cupertinian would know Greek? They barely know English.

Are IP addresses personal data?

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What about your phone number?

"An IP address is no more personal to me than the number of a hotel room"

That could be the case if IP addresses are assigned dynamically rather than static. But, even if dynamic (and mine is), quite often they are static (mine has been the same since I started with my ISP.

So an IP address is probably more equivalent to your mobile number rather than a hotel room number...and I'm sure you wouldn't want your mobile number bandied around to all the marketers etc.

Grow up, Google: You're threatening IT growth

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"Stroking a finger across a tablet surface is subject to a patent."

I totally agree. I remember at the time when I read about this case that, if you could patent such crazy things, I was going to take out a patent about how to have a crap...or, you might say, "Big Jobs"...but he would probably sue me for that.

Are you slaving away on the wrong projects?

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Big Brother

Sounds like the NHS...and better vending machine, anyone?

In some ways, I agree, Shannon, but it does sound like the new NHS model which, although noble, would only really serve an As-Is operational world rather than a To-Be world. I.e. they may "vote" for the projects that will improve existing, promising or broken projects, but would they improve the strategic direction for a bigger, braver new world?

On a flippant side to exaggerate my point, those departmental users are more likely to vote for a bigger, better vending machine than anything else.

An alternative? Well, a spin on your proposition by giving those users' departments zero budget and make them vote for no more than 80% of their existing systems to keep alive and then get the department heads create the business benefits arguments to actually get the budget. It would also shake them up to be mindful of why they are there i.e. not just to feather their own nests. Then they will have had practice to weight and score new strategic projects.

IT governance: a help or a hindrance for your projects?

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Governance is getting top-down and bottom-up to meet & agree

Fristly, Charybdis, I quite agree, it is a <blech> team effort. In this ever-faster world, it is more and more critical now for senior responsible officers/stakeholders know as quickly as possible the state of programmes & projects under their area (& costing them money).

How many projects have people worked on when what's delivered does not meet the requirements of stakeholders, users or don't meet the benefits? I would say "most". Although users are often the day-to-day customers of a new system/produt/whatever, they are unfortunately often left in the dark about strategic direction changes, so users often come up with requirements to "fix" existing practices rather than be included as stakeholders of new practices.

Governance is required to cross-brace across this change hierarchy to ensure that projects remain on track (to meet expected business benefits), status & change is communicated as fast as possible up/cascaded down so those responsible (not just stakeholders but programme & project managers too) can take the necessary decisions and actions, and to do all this in as efficient, pragmatic, repeatable and as least onerous as possible a way. Without this, programmes suffer from Grapevine or Telephone (more PC than ******* Whispers) whereby the message drifts or is watered down each level of the hierarchy it traverses.

Just think of the levels in your organisation and think how quickly such information does and should go from top to bottom and bottom to top. You will find they are typically very different answers. Top-to-bottom is typically very quick (a mandate from on-high but often without any real direction or how-to, just make it so [or JFDI]). For bottom-to-top, well, I have known a week or a fortnight and maybe even a month to just go up 1 level. For both, it should be instantaneous: anyone should be able to get a snapshot at any point in time based on real information used by and in use by real people on the project (e.g. requirements, risks, issues, build, testing). All these need to be weighted & categorised (quickly done) after which it is a relatively simple job to summarise at any level of the hierarchy.

It is a team effort, it's just that the team needs to be so much bigger (vertically) nowadays.

The other benefit is making those responsible responsible. Think of the banks or, even more recently, the NotW/News International.

NotW accused of hacking Milly Dowler's voicemail

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...and will NotW openly report its own internal findings?

Will they ride roughshod over the personal lives of all those that are or might be involved? Will they publish all and be damned? Will they bribe other reporters for insider leaked memos and tap their own voicemails?

Is this whole, public story in the public interest and worthy of reporting?

I pray that this happens and starts the infinite feedback look (reporting on the report of the report) and they all end up devouring themselves out of existence.

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Isolated incidents seek company

When has anything isolated ever really remained isolated? To me, the police should have acted on this incident forthwith. They were dealing with a missing girl here!

Yes, NotW probably got let off because the Police didn't want to spanner NotW plastering their paper with the story and providing awareness. But NotW only care about circulation. If they have/had done something wrong and broken the law, they ABOVE ALL should have been prosecuted to stop this from becoming the standard practice that it appears to have become.

I don't know what the statute of limitations is on this but NotW should be investigated heavily...as well as the Police over this incident (as to who signed off on it and, most importantly, why).

Apple users complain over MobileMe 'censorware'

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Use a different email address

I try to make it a rule of thumb not to use proprietary channels on proprietary devices e.g. a MobileMe @me.com account on iPhone. If you use a MobileMe account then of course you are open to whatever predilictions Mr Jobs et al. decide to implement.

Stick with your own ISP email account & have an assortment of SMTP servers to hand.

Yes, I have a MobileMe account but would only ever dream of using it to blitz my iPhone if it got nicked.

One per cent of world's web browsing happens on iPad

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1% is experimental error


Ballmer leaves investors speechless in Seattle

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Well done, Steve...

Yeah, MS is a big company and is meeting analyst's & shareholder expectations. Yeah, MS's forays into new markets is bank-rolled by Windows & Office, but they have done a good job of improving security and trust.

As mentioned in the hedge fund thread comments from the other week (from a hedge fund manager), hedge funds thrive on volatility not steady-state. So I take it this hedge fund manager made the wrong call and is now "stuck" with a crap-load of MS shares...and is doing his best to unsettle Joe-investor to sell and get the MS stock to fall from his outburst. But it ain't happening.

So good job, Steve. If you've got the backing of the board and Joe-investor and the hedge fund manager's comments didn't smack the MS share price around, then you have nothing (much) to worry about.

The bad-boys on the block has now been relayed to Google. Anti-trust cases all over the place, flops of platforms/apps, all bank-rolled by search and ads.

Saying all that, it ain't good to flip your wig in public. And I do hope that Win8 doesn't look like the previews I have seen. Call it msPad O/S or something 'cos it don't look like a serious O/S that companies or productive people would use (unless you're in a multimedia industry).

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