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Meet the BlackBerry wizardry that created its 'better Android than Android'


Re: This might be a lifeline, but nothing more

But Apple never BUNDLED emulators with their machines. It was always an aftermarket purchase. In the same way, Blackberry should have made this something users could add on later, not something that comes with the phone. App now have negative incentive to make a native QNX port.


This might be a lifeline, but nothing more

So in effect, the message Blackberry is giving to app vendors everywhere is "Write for Android, and you'll target us too". Thus removing any motivation for these developers to try and write native QNX apps. Even in Apple's darkest days before the iPhone, they never bundled Parallels or any such emulation software with their machines, they knew that that might have provided a short term gain, but long term it would have been a sign of surrender. Vendors don't want to targer a platform whose makers have surrendered.


AMD and Intel mainstream desktop CPUs


Re: AMD still trailing

Businesses don't care about graphics FOR NOW. The GPU components of these APU's are basically just a huge bunch of vector processors. Better GPGPU support (like the HSA stuff in Winzip and Handbrake) will give chips with a powerful GPU component a big boost.

And many mid to low range laptop buyers have two choices: get an APU laptop and have decent graphics and CPU for a cheap price, or buy the equivalent iX series and have awesome CPU with sucky graphics. The numbers say AMD makes a good enough case for many consumers in this price range.


HP TouchPad 9.7in WebOS tablet


Was this a Touchpad review?

After reading this once, I went back and counted, and the reviewer mentions Apple, iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iOS and iOS5 30 times throughout the review... I can understand comparing it to an iPAd or and iPad2, but what's with plugging iOS 5 and the iPad3 when they haven't even been released yet?

I don't even own any WebOS gear, I just wanted a review that talked about WebOS.



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