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Cat fight: Watch out YouTube, here comes Facebook


YT creators have the additional problem of freebooting by FB users. FB could probably do something about it, but they have no incentive to take down offending videos quickly.

ISIS command post obliterated after 'moron' jihadi snaps a selfie, says US Air Force

Black Helicopters

Well, maybe

Or maybe the US knew where the place was in some other manner which they don't want to give away, and they didn't want to just bomb it without any justification since that might lead someone in ISIS to investigate carefully. But the picture provided enough information that the US could go ahead and attack and then claim the selfie as the source.

Nokia shows off camera gimmicks to PIMP YOUR PICCIES


DNG export = WooHoo!

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know


And while we're at it, let's also correct all the idiots saying "jay-peg" for JPEG. It stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group", so it's obviously pronounced "juh-pheg".

Work for beer, Neil Gaiman's wife tells musicians


Re: Saddened

Do you think she did something like this?

AFP to recording studio: "How about letting me record free? It'll be great publicity for you."

AFP to video guys: "How about making the video for free? It'll be a great experience for you."

AFP to merch makers: "How about giving me this stuff for free? Think of the exposure you'll get."

AFP to tour organizers: "Just imagine the increased bookings you'll get if you volunteer to help us out for free."

AFP to hotels: "Letting us stay for free will bring you a lot of good will, and you can even put up an 'AFP slept here' plaque."

AFP to set makers: "Your work will be seen by thousands of people; you should be grateful for the opportunity!"


She knew better than to even ask. What those people provide was of value to her, and she was willing to pay. So then we finally come to this:

AFP to musicians: "Send us an audition tape, and if we like it and you agree to rehearse with us, you'll get to play backup for free! Sorry that we can't offer you any of the gate receipts, but we'll give you a T-shirt, buy you a beer, and I'll personally give you a big hug!"

That's a bit tone deaf to say the least.

(As an aside, she says that she paid off $250K worth of debts from the kickstarter money, so obviously she got a big cut too, and that's not counting whatever she'll make from the tour itself.)


Re: Enough snark already

If she were giving these concerts for free, then few would complain about her also asking others to volunteer their time and talent. But she's making money, so asking others to go unpaid strikes many (me included) as an abuse of her status. Just because she can find plenty of people willing to be used doesn't make it less tacky.

Homeless guy to represent the unpaid musicians.

Pentax K-01 16Mp APS-C hybrid camera review


Worst of all worlds

Size of a small DSLR, no viewfinder, and sucky focus speed (plus ugly as sin to boot). Just buy one of Pentax's excellent small DSLRs and be happy.

Yahoo! cofounder! Jerry! Yang! quits!


I met him once...

when we were both graduate students. He was nice enough, but he didn't strike me as the brightest bulb. Then again, he can now buy me thousands of times over, so that shows pretty well who the bigger fool is.

Obama says his birthplace is 'in Asia'



You have to be a natural-born citizen of the US, but not necessarily born physically in the US.

Chrome browser 'is becoming Number Two'


Is there a sidebar in Chrome yet?

If Chrome has a bookmarks sidebar like FF, I'll switch immediately. Someone please tell me that they've finally added one...

Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic


Dvorak is my idol

If Dvorak says it was a good idea, that's enough analysis for me.

Chess crown stripped in plagiarism furore


Yes, if...

you're willing to share your modifications.

No, if you just want to snarf the code, tweak it a bit, and then sell binaries.


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