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How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?


Sony software

I remember spending many hours ripping CDs to mind-disc, the software was terrible and regulary crash. Sony seems to be in suicide mode at the moment, PS4 anyone?

NHS grows a NoSQL backbone and rips out its Oracle Spine


Re: "80 million people in Britain"

also lucky to hear a british accent amongst a lot of the doctors and nurses in many urban hospitals.

This can be issue when are attempting to understand how life threatening an illness is from medical staff. I really didn't need any additional stress when my wife had our two kids, and they "forgot" to give her any food for dinner on one occasion despite her asking a number of times!

I don't care where people come from, is the level of service I worry about!

WD My Cloud EX4 four-bay NAS


Too slow for Consumer use I think but Reg didn't bother testing this!

Most consumers buying 4 bay NAS with RAID do so because they have large storage requirements (>500GB), want redundancy, always on, and more importantly want to centrally stream media (video, music etc).

For the market this is aimed at CPU and RAM are VERY important and seems VERY lowly speced. Personally for me to upgrade from my existing 2 bay I would want 1GB RAM.

Shame REG just tested read and write speed, I don't really care about these I care about DLNA read speed as bulk read/write of files is something I rarely due being a consumer and not a IT dept.

Gartner complains no public cloud is good enough for business


Re: Gartner..?

You would be suprised!

Every IT director who knows bugger all about technology but wantsto sounds like he does in front of the CEO has a subscription to Gartner.

That's a lot of subscription's!

'Sub-arctic' atmos at RIM UK as jobs apocalypse looms


Re: Coincidence?

me too:

"The ability to send and receive emails and Blackberry messages (BBM) on Blackberry devices is unavailable. Internet access is also impacted.

EMEA users only are impacted.

An issue exists with external service provider (RIM) impacting multiple EMEA customers. An update will be sent when further information is available."

Lenovo Thinkpad X220T 12.5in tablet PC

Thumb Down


For that much money I would expect the storage to be SSD not disk, faster access and less power draw..


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