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StorSimple stares down EMC and NetApp


Great article, Chris

Hi Chris,

Great article, and it was a pleasure meeting you this week. I wanted to add a couple of small points of clarification for your readers:

- The StorSimple appliance models 5010 and 7010 consume 2U of rack space (the article mentions 3U)

- In terms of capacity, the numbers you mention (100TB for the 5010, 200TB for the 7010) are the maximum capacity of each. Initial capacity is 20TB and 40TB respectively. The additional fees you mention are related to licenses to increase the maximum capacity of the appliance to address more data stored in the cloud

- In addition to Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3, StorSimple also supports clouds built on EMC Atmos (private clouds, and public clouds such as AT&T Synaptic). We have additional partnerships coming (which will be disclosed in the near future)

- In terms of disaster recovery (and other applications), either Cloud Snaps or Cloud Clones can be used. The advantage of a Cloud Snap is speed (backups use the same cloud provider as your volume data) whereas a Cloud Cloud is availability (backups can use the same provider and any region supported by that provider, or, a different provider altogether for support for cloud-wide disasters or outages)

Thanks, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

Joel Christner

Chief Scientist, StorSimple






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