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Oracle Solaris 11 to abandon elderly servers


Time to have a serious look at Illumos

The comments made by the brains behind core Solaris 10 technologies in the recent Illumos panel meeting should prove most interesting:


“It [Solaris 11] represents a huge departure from Solaris 10. So, it’s going to ask the customers who are on Solaris 10 ‘do you want to invest a tremendous amount of time going to Solaris 11, going to Linux, or going to something else?’.” – Adam Leventhal

“Solaris 11 is mutating into what some people would call the bootloader for the Oracle database. Oracle’s priorities are clearly way different from what Sun’s were…I would not be entirely unsurprised if it turns that out you can’t actually license Solaris 11 separately…I would be actually very surprised if there’s ever a Solaris 12.” – Garrett D’Amore

“There’s a huge installed base of Sun hardware out there in datacenters around the world, billions of dollars worth of equipment, and Oracle has basically given it the finger.” – Garrett D’Amore

“Oracle has removed sun4u from Solaris 11. So there is no sun4u support in Solaris 11, which means that there is this huge amount of hardware, this installed base (anything earlier than a year or two ago) that can’t run, will not run Solaris 11 at all. And that’s a huge Illumos opportunity.” – Bryan Cantrill and Adam Leventhal



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