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What happened to comics for kids? Hell, what happened to COMICS?

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Great article- couldn't agree more. My eldest son is 11 and several times over the years we've raided Dad's comic collection but the 90's stuff is simply a no-go area in terms of suitable content. Although I loved some of the Vertigo stuff, I have to admit much of it was pretentious twaddle. Then the change from newsprint to glossy- don't get me started. What HAS worked is the oldies like Commando, old 2000AD, etc. I pity my son because more often than not, he can't quite get past the black & white thing. It has a language all of it's own and adds so much to the 'directness' you're talking about. A simpler time perhaps but in the case of war stuff, I think if you create a link between that and say- Airfix model buliding, etc then you're really onto something. So far it's worked for a while in our house but no matter how hard you try- kids always seem to default to the Xbox/iPad or phone for their entertainment fix. I'll not give up on them though!


Apple's new Final Cut Pro X 'not actually for pros'

Uncanny Aleman

Business as usual

iMovie worked fine and they revamped that too.

I once remarked to an Applestore employee that they should "really get some cash registers in here!" after a straighforward purchase went south when he couldn't locate a working remote keypad for me to enter my pin. "They're all being used at the moment" he proudly announced. When I pressed him on why they didn't have the usual counter/ cash register setup he simply replied 'our customers don't want them.' "Well, I'm a customer...and I wasn't asked!" I said and walked out.

Apple are not interested in giving you what you need... only what they want to sell you.



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