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Wow, gamers on YouTube really love the Xbox One. It's like they were paid to say that (Hint: they are)


Re: Honestly...

I would prefer if it was "Sponsored Article". It's not an advert as such. Definitely not a review.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Our new top Android ten-incher


Re: wireless charging?

I think you miss his point, the charging cradle will charge the tablet without the need for opening any ports.

Even slimmer PS3 out next week


Seems OK (not great but OK)

500GB model is $399 in Aus. Current 320GB is ~$388 (not including any discount).

So you're getting an extra 180GB for 10 bucks + most probably a more energy efficient model. Not a price drop, but like for like it's OK.

The 12GB model is $298. So $100 for a 500GB drive isn't bad either. Yes you can get your own for much cheaper, but in terms of straight from Sony, it's OK.

So the prices are reasonable comparing with what it replaces. Expect the Slim v1 prices to come down to sell out stock. Then by December they'll run some sales/bundles. Bare in mind Slim v2 is going to be cheaper to produce eventually so there will be room for price cuts in the future. Staying with Slim v1 may have limited this capacity.

Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service


I still don't know where the issue is with the speed. It's not PSN, it's got to be the PS3 itself.

I did a test and downloaded the same PSOne file on the PS3 and PSVita from the same network at the same time and the Vita achieved expected speeds.

Sony Xperia P mid-range Android


Re: Tempted

Sadly from all the prototypes/certifications/photo sample exif I've seen from Sony over the last 3-6 months, there's no Xperia with a keyboard form factor due in the recent future.

Such a shame. Having both the X10MP and MP, it's definitely a very useful form. Much underrated. Sure it's no power house, but very versatile (yes, especially after rooting although my setup is different to yours) and still not a slouch.

And no, I'm not going ICS even though it's out. 2.3 is fine. I don't understand what the fuss is about. It's not like your phones don't work without ICS.

Apple, Samsung snatch smartphone biz booty


Re: "Since Android doesn't work well with keyboards"

? Seems an odd thing to say.

Both my Android phones have keyboards. Both work. Both work better than "virtual keyboards" (even with swypesque functions). Not perfect, but both work VERY well.

Just the presence of cursor keys are a godsend!

Ten... Star Wars videogame classics

Thumb Up

Re: Empire Strikes Back on the Atari 2600

Attack of the Mutant Camels was brilliant!

Sony 3D PlayStation TV to hit UK at last


Re: Not new

Yes, anyone can do it with passive tech, but who markets it? And the last time I checked, trying to place a left lens into a right socket isn't a neat solution (unless your lenses are absolutely flat).

Plus, this can dynamically switch between 2 screen and 3D. With passive, you'd need separate, glasses (which will still be cheaper).

So yes, this is new.



I would say no.

Existing 3D TV sync the left and the right channels to each glass. This will sync the left channel to one pair of glasses (both lenses), and the right to the other pair. I believe how it syncs is controlled by the TV and not the glasses. If not, at the very least you would need to get the new glasses anyway. Might as well get the whole Display.

Fans fly to forums to signal iPad 3 Wi-Fi woes


Re: not

I do believe it's "hang" not "hand".....

Why is it a conspiracy? iPad2 vs "new iPad" = different hardware -> will be different under different conditions. For some it may be better, for some it may be worse.

Best of luck with your "so slick" iPhone. I'm glad it's interface is good for you. As for me, I like to do things my way and I consider iOS not slick, in fact alot of the time I find it darn right frustrating (and yes I have an iOS device which I use daily).

Why new iPad renders your pile of slab mags as garbage


Re: WHY does it look worse?

A more accurate title would be "The new iPad renders does not render old mag content any better".

I'm no fan of the iPad (or any tablet really, don't like the form factor). The "Retina" display though should not be ridiculed. In a computer age that most companies are thinking profit before resolution, the iPad display is refreshing.

If someone made a netbook sized device with ultra portable innards (ie non atom) and a 1080P screen (no need to be light, or incredibly thin), I'd be on it in a flash. Yes, I like high res, yes, I can't see individual pixels on a device that small, but I CAN notice a significant difference in fidelity on high pixel density screens.

Euro Android devs: Google's hanging on to our pay


I wonder

If it had anything to do with changing the name from Market to Play Store? There might be accounts needing to change etc?

Not that I know anything about anything.

Acer intros skinny 15in notebook


Yes people actually use those.

I use it for.... numerical input! ;)

Formula 1



The app came out at least a year ago on iPhone but was also available on Symbian handsets (worked on my c902 no probs). Not sure if Vodafone was delaying the deployment of the Android version as it took a long time to come and apps that tried to use the same info in Android were given the cease and desist. At the time, Vodafone was heaviliy promoting the iPhondle.

Haven't checked for a while, but there's no native iPad version which is a shame as it could do alot on that form factor. But things may have changed!

Anyway, we all have it now. Handy when you can't have access to a pc and launch the java live timing app while watching the race/qualy.


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