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Nokia unveils Contractual Obligation Meego Phone


Good-bye, Nokia

What a dreadful shame! There was never a CDMA version of the n900, and now it appears there will never be a Nokia in my future. I wonder how many others were eagerly awaiting the right linux-powered phone from Nokia who will now never ever consider them again due to this heinous and short-sighted deal with microsoft...

Probably not many compared to the gigantic number of people who would rather have an elective root canal than use the god-awful wince7.

Either way, someone obviously sold out the company for personal gain, and there should be an investigation.

Windows on mobile has been a bad joke from the very start. Every single person I've ever known who had a wince phone got it because they were clueless and didn't know better or because it was free or super cheap. No-one aspires to own a wince7 phone, and now surely no-one aspires to own a Nokia either... Good job snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Nokia!

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