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Boffins build blood-swimming medical microbot

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Heh, what?

The Poon Research Group?? Are you serious? Totally not the research I a group named that would be undertaking...

And Dr. Poon?? OMFG. Yea, this has to be April 1st come early.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

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Re: RE: Jim Booth

It was a DV4/6, possibly a late model DV6000. The thing would have died in a few months anyways from the NB desoldering itself from the MB. Anyways, no worries about shrapnel, the plastics on those models are pretty soft and there was WAY too much down force for anything to blast back up.

I truly hope the "Little American Princess" has learned her lesson and stopped following the ways of the dark Ladies (Paris, Kim, etc...).

She should thank God everyday that he didn't pop one of those rounds into her ass.

Nvidia suffers as TSMC's 28nm ramp steeper than expected


Shouldn't it be "doing fab-ulously"???

Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak's corpse


Another patent.

I just patented sitting down to take a crap.

Pay up, peasants!!!!



Kodak should sue Apple for having a company name with five letters that makes devices that record images. Open and shut case to me.

Sony 'fesses to Whitney Houston price hike 'error'


Re: Re: Re: Borrowing from another commentard on the other Sony story of today...

How about "Suck shit through a tube."?

Always loved that one... Feds was an awesome movie.



Okay, let's put it this way;

Starting price to read an article on El Reg is $1.

Ten people read it; goes up to $2.

Twenty? Well, that's $4.

Supply and demand, right?

Except in this case, we're talking about something that is UNLIMITED.

If I had an unlimited supply of gold that I pulled out of a manx cats tailless ass, what do you think would happen to the price of gold?

Sony just trying to make money off of some chick that had her heyday more than a decade ago and then lost her voice (Crack smoking; thank you Bobby) and sounded like an alley cat that got run over by some RoTM Renault.

They gots to be making bank, yo!

75-90% of people saw the price hike, and just did a google search for "Whitney Houston +site:www.thepiratebay.org"

Seagate matches and raises WD disk warranty cuts



The main reason for this change is because the large majority of the "new" drives coming out in the next six months will be of questionable quality. Because they don't know how long these drives (Derived from salvaged equipment) will last, they are hedging their bets. The warranty will be restored in about a year.


Wow, what a surprise.

The top two hard drive manufacturers buy out #3 and #4 and then they CUT the warranty period!!! Amazing, guess no one saw that coming. This is a screaming warning sign to all the regulators that they need to fight the acquisitions these two companies propose. Either that or offer a government program that provides free leather-wound mouth guards for when we all get bent over the table just a little bit more by Seagate/WD (Soon to be Seagate Digital or Weyland Yutani, take your pick)

Plastic semiconductor makes solar cells more efficient



A 50% increase in efficiency is like getting .5 more ounces of a 12oz steak. Not much, and it'll probably have a lot of fat on it.

Samsung shifts Apple A5 chip production to Texas


How about...

Wouldn't it be funny if Samsung "accidentally" messed up every A5 processor so they fail in 2 months?

The cure for US job woes: More immigrants



ABSOLUTE BS. Diebold replaced most of their workers on the Accuvote line at their plant in Lexington, NC with 90% foreign workers to save ONE DOLLAR AN HOUR. Most were illegal, Temporary Resources doesn't really check legality.

That's right America; your voting machines are made by illegal immigrants because they could pay them minimum wage instead of $1 above it to American workers. Funniest part, when a rumour spread around the plant that ICE was coming in to do a check, they had to shut down the Accuvote line because only a few people showed up to work over there that day. HMMMMMM.............

Carrier IQ VP: App on millions of phones not a privacy risk


Uh huh...

Looks like someone is getting a kickback!

Really; the Reg is okay with a company releasing a software that allows the capture of information that is thought to be private?

WITHOUT the consent or knowledge of the user?!?!??

Wow... Just... Wow....

FBI: No evidence of water system hack destroying pump



BOFH #7.

""Oh well, never mind, we'll have to do the power surge idea... Ok, quick as you can, I want you to flick the power switch of your PC on and off 30 times"

"Should I take my disks out?"

"NO! Do you want to lose all your data!?!"

"Oh! NO! Ok.."

I listen carefully.. ..

...clicky..clikcy...clikky.. .. .. ...clicky. ...cliccy.. . . BOOM! "

THAT'S what happened!!!!

Colossal dead black neo-sphere approaching Earth

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Looks like we're gonna have a new moon soon! I shall call her....Linda.....

A tenth of Chinese farmland polluted by heavy metals


Increase of EWaste? Blame RoHS.

Now that all electronics must be "lead-free" we have increased incidence of early failures in electronics. Does the consumer take the item in to be repaired, or do they just junk the entire thing and buy another?

Usually, it's JUNKED.

All that waste going into a landfill someplace just because some bureaucrats thought that lead should be banned in computers because of some fantasy-land ideas of babies licking the solder inside computers.

In about three to five years, electronics will be failing at such a rate as to make the past twenty years of EWaste seem like a drop in the bucket.

Apple admits iPhone battery suckage, promises fix


Easy fix!

They'll just do what they did with the antenna issue and make the battery life bars drop slower!

Accused Hollywood hacker does about face, pleads not guilty

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Isn't hacking the profiles/email of D list celebrities, like, a public service/PR helper??

Apple plans big solar farm to clean dirty datacenter

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I LIVE in North Carolina. Power and land is ONLY cheap if you have multi-billions of dollars. I have $400 power bills every month, and that is for a 1500 sq ft home with completely new AC and Heat and usually ran at 80 in the summer and 62 in the winter.

Apple came here only because Bev Perdue was the best under the desk of whatever Apple lawyer she talked to.

Instead of giving tax breaks to these rich bastards (Who could "Innovate" fusion power, because, they're so "INNOVATIVE"!!!) Maybe she should pay attention to the people that bust their ass everyday in this state for shit for pay!!!!

As iPhone 4S battery suckage spreads, fixes appear



It's the spirit of Steve Jobs harnessing all the energy he can so he can return to Earth!!!! Quickly!!! Shut off you iDevices before you unleash the reborn Jobs!!! He'll have lasers from his eyes and be ill-tempered!! (More than before)!!!

iPhone 4S pre-orders obliterate sales records


Blinded by the light...

You missed a few;

1. Beautifully crafted (yes, yes it is)

- - - Yes, it is an interesting design, but I think most people (That don't suffer from ADOS Attention Deficit Oooh, Shiny!!) would rather have a phone that didn't shatter into a million pieces. I wonder where Dell or HP would be now if they designed a laptop with a shell made totally out of glass and metal...

2. Great UI design

- - - Very simple to use, but don't try to change it to what You may like...

3. Beautiful hi-res screen

- - - So do many other phones.

4. Decent camera with good optics, that make good photos and video (lookin' at you HTC)

- - - Comparing tech today to three years ago doesn't work. More on this with "your" point 6.

5. Pocket-size (none of your 5in monstrosities please, if I wanted a tablet I'd have asked for it)

- - - Again, most people use holsters for their phones, they want to take care of them, and make sure they have them for more than a year. But the Apple people? They don't care about the phone, they will buy a new one in a year when it gets a new swirly design on the third page of the setting menu.

6. Top-notch build quality

- - - Foxconn??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!??? The quality of their product is worse than something I could scavenge out of a few dumpsters...In Hoboken.

7. Decent battery life (*at least* comparable to other phones with similar specs, and if you tell me your HTC, Samsung or Droid or whatever gets 6x the battery life I'll just laugh at you)

- - - Again with that word "decent"... Decent for the first few months, and then it rockets downhill. Oh, and that smell coming from the phone? That's the battery leaking...

8. High-quality apps, guaranteed to work (and work well) on my device

- - - You got me here. When I push the "fart" button on my app, I want it to fart RIGHT NOW!!! Not .5ms later!!! And I love that you can suntan and get rid of pimples with the iphone apps.

9. Good customer service (YMMV but I've had great service so far)

- - - Just make sure you keep the phone in a hermetically sealed bag / container at all times. If you ever have to send it in and they smell ANYTHING on it they don't like, they won't work on it. Also, they charge roughly 2500% higher for the parts than what they paid for them.

10. Great, truly great, media sharing capabilities, useable by The Average Joe(TM)

- - - Most have this, and they are easy to use. Sadly, most don't come with a fluffy kitten or a couscous icon. And I have YET to see an Average Joe with an iPhone. Most people I see with iPhones are the pretentious, privileged type.

11. Great accessory ecosystem

- - - As long as you give Apple your 50%....

Apple's cloudy music streamer won't stream music



Well, easier to track you once they hide stuff inside your media.

RAM prices set to 'free fall'


Vendor pricing.

One certain vendor who I deal with at work is selling 4GB DDR3 1333 modules (Desk and Note) for $16.50. There is still a large amount of markup involved in all memory pricing.

Apple wins (another) Samsung Android injunction in EU



Apple designed the IEEE 1394 port with the help of several other companies.

ADB was NOT hot-swappable and too slow to support anything past a simple graphics tablet.

And laptop form? Sorry, Toshiba beat them to that by four years.

Pull down menus? QuickTab by about two years.

Canvas Tags? Sorry again, that was W3C.

Scroll wheel? Oh, that was Kensington.

OpenCL? Well, Apple did get the ball rolling on that one, but again, a LARGE GROUP was involved in it actually being made.

And the CCFE? Wow, really reaching there.

Know before you speak. Spouting off incorrect "facts" that aren't actually facts is quite close to propaganda.



Yea, and if only Apple had made their excellent GUI 'before' they saw it at Xerox in Palo Alto, they could actually rightfully claim to have invented it.



And Apple should design and create their own hardware instead of sourcing it out cheap and then charging outrageous amounts for it. Well, I guess that's what you pay for something being "pretty" and "cool". Look back at Apple's history, they ALWAYS charge at LEAST a 33% premium for "their" product. You know, at least when Apple started, they had good, well made products and actually were creative. Now, they just hobble existing tech together, make it look smooth, and color it white, and then call it innovative. I'm going to create a tablet computer that has lights around the irregular edge and call it innovative. Apple innovates like I digest, they take one thing in, and then pop something different out. About the same quality too. Except I flush what I do.

Paris Hilton


You know, I just thought about it, pulled out my own TX and WHO WOULD OF GUESSED?!?! The icons for the programs are ROUNDED!!! The device is ROUNDED!! There's a button in the middle bottom of the device!! HP needs to sue Apple now for being a TX patent troll. I think Apple shouldn't have hired all those lawyers from Rambus.

Russian rocket flub threatens to empty ISS

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Save us MuskMan!!!

SpaceX is looking PRETTY good right now, eh?

Vandal posts official's nude pic to protest cell shutdown



Guy looks like a dick to me.

Apple shares drop after Jobs resignation



This right here,

"But its fortunes have been closely tied to Jobs, who founded Apple.."

He COfounded Apple. He let Woz do all the work while he went around selling it and supplying potential buyers with all sorts of illicit narcotics.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO



Sarah Palin already has the patent and trademark on the iQuit. Look it up...

AMD gooses low-power Fusion chips


And Intel??

Intel has been around since 1968.. Great CPU units, but they still can't get a graphics core together? What's going on there Intel?? Didn't steal enough tech from Fairchild????

Dog fight game bitten with pro-PETA virus



And when bears learn to hold and fire automatic weapons and decide that you are a pest and need to be removed from what was once their forest? The people that call you are pussies that can't deal with their own problems, haven't you learned that yet?

Oh, and the machines will one day decide that all of humanity is a pest. Their reasoning will include that we take no care for other life.

Thank you for causing Judgement Day.

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As long as it's just a game, eh?

How about a game where you go around and try to rape as many people as you can? In this game, while you have the 14yo on the pinball table, you can actually PLAY the pinball game and get the special "Multi-task-that-ass" bonus! Then, after the raping, you can go and beat the hell out of as many people who are racially different (Set during character creation) as you can! Hey, no problem here, right? It's JUST A GAME!!! I know, you can add magic to the game to make it even MORE of a game. Sweet!

Oh, and the difference between people killing people and people killings animals is that animals can't call the police.

Truck nuts swing onto US freedom of speech agenda

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They aren't human nuticles, they are pig balls or pitbull balls. We don't make dogs or pigs wear pants, so these are perfectly okay....



"In other words, your right to be antagonistic runs right against my right to not see your immature shite. If the community, as a majority, decides there are more of us who think your plastic sac is over the line, then grow up and take them off. It's not "all about you"."

Your posting is antagonizing. I have a right not to see it. Grow up and don't post again. It's not "all about you".

Fun how that works, isn't it?

It's official: IE users are dumb as a bag of hammers


Income a factor?

Notice they didn't list the income and living situation of the people in this study. Many more people are buying computers today then they did years ago. Computers have gotten cheaper, so people with lower income can afford them. They usually get older, slow systems with cracked versions of XP with no updates. XP came with IE6. They more often than not have less education (and opportunities) than those with more money, hence they do not mess with what works. Scope was too limited in it inclusion of weighted factors.

Toshiba Satellite P775 17.3in Core i7 laptop



Compare like to like. The graph is completely useless and biased as it NEVER compares the same two laptops at the same time. Note to author: when you compare systems, keep the same systems compared to and don't keep changing them for different test.

Gamer claims complete console collection



Don't see the Tiger system in there either. That's the one that used CD and cards to "upgrade" abilites in the games.

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate

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Um, okay...

Bo Eleven Lux is illegal? What's so wrong with Bo having a luminance of 11 lux? Too dim? Oh, because it LOOKS like something, it's offensive. Well, then the better take off all the 1, 3, 8, 0, B, I, O, and Ps from the plates because the resemble penises, boobs, asses, and other things.

Anonymous smites Orlando after charity arrests



I don't think that Florida considers the homeless "people". Therefore, the people with the food are just littering.

OpenOffice.org site goes offline, Oracle declines to comment


And soon...

The website will say;



Dear consumer,

You owe us billions of dollars for caching the image above.

If you have questions, look down and say the name "Larry Ellison" three times while sacrificing a newborn kitten.

Samsung runs to the ITC to seek Apple ban


How about this?

Xerox needs to sue all of them for creating icons in the first place. Look up the Xerox Alto. As for rounded corners on icons, I remember OS/2 having rounded corners on most of the icons. This is just insane. Apple's lawyers either need to lay of the nose candy or go back to chasing ambulances.

Mole maintains iPad 3, iPhone 5 out this year

IT Angle

That's the plan.

Re-hashing todays product with minimal improvements is Apples business model. Glad they seem to be the only company that does this in spades, otherwise we'd JUST be getting mice with three buttons.

French search engine seeks multi-million euro damages from Google



Is Google your ISP? Do they run all the DNSs on Earth? Well, sounds like you have a browser issue. Oh, and nice picture of the Catholic Zealot...



If someone comes into MY store and ask for a product I offer, I'm going to show them MY wares first. If businesses were run by telling people to go elsewhere, we'd have a great big mess of random CRAP. In EVERY sector. A hot chick hits on you, are you going to start talking about how great your mates are?

US patent reform jumps through second hoop



Maybe if a bill was passed that booted Texas (Especially the eastern part) out of the Union, this wouldn't be necessary. Oh, and for an interesting "look" and "patent" Look at OS/2's rounded icon and what Apple is suing for right now. Imagine if IBMs lawyers had balls as big as Apples. We'd all be working on IBM systems right now, listening to a giant screen tell us what to do.. Wait.... Sounds familiar....

Apple iMac 27in

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Paying for style. It's Kodak for computers.

Can get almost the exact system (with 2gb graphics that aren't a chopped-down mobile, 1200w ps that won't burn out in two years, faster dvd burner, better res webcam, easier to upgrade..) PC that can be turned into a hackintosh for £1268.68. Most of that cost being the graphics, £239.22, the PS, £173.08, and the case, £95.49. With standard VAT of 17.5%, that goes up to £1490.70. Add another hundred quid and it's still cheaper. Paying a lot for style there. Macs are really nice to look at, just hate the price premium for low-quality crap from the suicide factory (Foxconn) in China.

My favorite Apple computers were the IIgs, IIc+, 180c, and the Color Classic II (Only in Japan, but had a ton of them back in Alaska...)

Personally, I like to be able to do what I want with my hardware. I also like to still be under warranty even if I smoked a cig near my computer.

And Paris because if she knew what a computer was, she'd probably choose a mac...

Does a flash motor make a man more desirable?

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Well, for every dollar a man makes in America, a woman makes seventy cents. Totally unfair as it only leaves the man with thirty cents...


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