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MPs slam bumpkin fibre rollout, demand halt to further £250m cash spaff



Just a thought or two - PAC has a majority of CON/LIB members I thought...

Also - why If Fiber UK 300% more expensive that Fiber Northern Ireland?

Also the above reads like astro turf....

Ex-Goldman Sachs coder cuffed on fresh 'source theft' charges


Re: I thought the real issue was...

Ok maybe I should have used the joke alert icon - I was just repeating the joke that was passed around the trading desk I worked for when it was kicking off. (different organisation - no inside info as far as I know)

But I'm now intrigued, do you actually think they identified the code by eyeball and could see what it did?

I'm guessing a quick look at the server log for the transfer, and running a diff tool over the source would be much more likely/accurate....

The man didn't even claim it wasn't the the source - but that he though it was open source. And a trade secret, with all parties culpable - who would talk?

And seriously - you think plod would spot if the code was doing something it shouldn't?

That's enough critical thinking I'm off for a pint.


I thought the real issue was...

Keeping the code secret.

To prevent people noticing that the code was sniffing network packets.

I.E. on the exchange where the servers were colocated, and then frontrunning the trades...

Mathematicians slam UK.gov plans to fund statistics only



So, the government thinks that the only use for mathematics is in the banking and insurance industries... I guess actuaries and option pricing quants is the intended destination of these researchers...


Microsoft warns on support scams

Big Brother

ISPs selling the call list?

When they phoned me, the thing that disturbed me most is that they knew my home address and my IP address too.

I'm beginning to wonder if they are buying call lists from ISPs....

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