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Ever used VFEmail? No? Well, chances are you never will now: Hackers wipe servers, backups in 'catastrophic' attack


Re: It's in the cloud!

Ask Mr Bezos - although (allegedly) he failed to take the same precautions over his own photos.

Size does matter, chaps: Oversized todgers an evolutionary handicap


But doesn't this go back to the issue of the biggest pricks?


Size does matter.

Without it wallpaper does not stick.

Microsoft decides Internet Explorer 10 has had its fun: Termination set for January 2020


Re: Trackers!

Only 3? ABP shows 10.

Apple breathes new life into MacBook Air with overhauled 2018 model


T480? We've just been upgraded to them.

Mine overheats and gives "Fan Error" messages.

My colleagues has had a new motherboard already after the USB-C connector failed. As they now use cheaper USB-C expansion boxes rather than the proper docking stations with proper connectors if you take your laptop around and have to plug / unplug the USB-C this happens. I leave mine connected all the time and use it as a desktop - so it is OK.

If you want reliability, look elsewhere.

En garde! 'Cyber-war has begun' – and France will hack first, its defence sec declares


Re: Britain's " muted line about its offensive cyber capabilites"

It was long before that. The French had their SCSSI laws and sniffed everything - until Duncan Campbell told the world about Eschelon.


Re: Simple

I must agree I do wonder at times . . .

Eh Boris we need a new ICBM. Better dig a deep hole for it. And lay on extra power feed from the power grid. Oh, and don't forget to Internet enable the launch system.


Re: And .....

How sad that this Bush era nonsense persists. After all, when it comes to Iraqi WMD Chirac was correct and Blair and Bush were lying through their teeth.

However, at the risk of going historical on this, France lost more people in both World Wars than UK did.

Microsoft sends a raft of Windows 10 patches out into the Windows Update ocean


Actually, yes - seems to be issues with my sound - Viber and Skype and Youtube videos.


Re: The Ultimate Upgrade

I have just been told off by our support people for not doing a daily reboot on my new Windows 10 machine.

Can't think when I previously had to do this - maybe 1995 and Windows 95 - or maybe earlier?

Customers baffled as Citrix forces password changes for document-slinging Sharefile outfit


Re: "Unless there is reason to believe a password has been compromised ..."

One answer would be to check passwords, as they are changed, against the compromised list from Troy Hunt - he has an API for this - and tell users to pick again if the password is on the compromised list.

BT pension scheme will stay on RPI interest rates for now


Section B ended 31st March 1986 - post privatisation.

When selling security awareness training by email, probably a good shout not to hit 'reply all'


I would start by pointing the finger at Office 365.

It's default reply is reply all, not reply - along with a whole load of other nasties!

OnePlus 6T: Tasteful, powerful – and much cheaper than a flagship


Re: Quite nice ...

Ask OnePlus 2 owners how updates worked out for them.


You missed a few things from your review

A company that drops support for its phones after a short time - ask OnePlus 2 users about that

A company that lied and bluffed its way through a hack resulting in people losing a lot of money.

If anyone trusts such a company - good luck - I won't be going near them.

In memoriam: See you in Valhalla, Skype Classic. Version 8 can never replace you


Re: skype 9

Version 8 is incompatible with my Windows 7.

It installs, then hangs - nothing short of a reboot kills the processes.


Re: A new graveyard?

Yes. FoxPro went same way.

£220k fines for dodgy dialling duo who didn't do due dil on data


Unless or until directors are made personally liable for fines incurred by their companies, I think the ICO are being over optimistic in thinking they will put a stop to these activities

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz


Re: another buy out of my bread and butter

As I recall, Sun killed the x86 version to boost sales of their Cobalt Linux.

It did boost sales of Linux alright - SuSE Linux, RedHat Linux . . .

Cobalt Linux died, Sun revived x86 and then shot themselves in the other foot by charging for patches when others were free.

Apple boss demands Bloomberg Super Micro U-turn, Russian troll charged, NSA hands out cash, and more


Re: Lily Savage is Apples new CEO?...

I thought he had left the country after the 2015 election:


What? He didn't? Another leftie hypocrite

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD


Re: Barton Gellman defended auto-updates, arguing they do more good than harm

But wasn't that also the case with the forced upgrade to Windows 10?

What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy: Their info splashed online – or that they drive a Lada?


Not to mention having had his skull reshaped with a bit lopped off the sides and put on the top whilst pushing his eyes further apart.

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms


What's next?

I guess the terms "motherboard" and "daughterboard" will be next to go down the plug-hole of political correctness.

'World's favorite airline' favorite among hackers: British Airways site, app hacked for two weeks


Sounds very similar to the One+ hack - I hope that BA are better than One+ at assisting affected customers.


More's the point will the ICO now find some teeth under GDPR.

With a turnover of approx €23bn, 4% is somewhat over €900M. That would kill any off-shoring savings for a year or two!

TSB goes TITSUP: Total Inability To Surprise Users, Probably


Heads have rolled

Finally. The Head of TSB has resigned

Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes


Re: MS abandoning Windows??

You must be running a different version to me. My Office 365 is vastly inferior to the thick client. Loads of the shortcuts either don't work now or are intercepted by the browser

Nominet throws out US corp's attempt to seize Brit domain names


Re: Did anyone else immediately expect something about hotels?

Actually the Forte lubricants and additives do a good job - a can of fuel additive before the MoT cleans out some of the gum and crap making a pass more likely especially as most modern fuels are contaminated with rape oil or ethanol.

BT announces Gavin Patterson to become ex-CEO


A&A offer Broadband only - £10 pm - but on a TalkTalk backhaul.

UK mobile operator Three launches Superdrug Mobile MVNO


Rubbish Coverage

Stick whatever badge on it - it's still 3 and their coverage is rubbish

TSB meltdown latest: Facepalming reaches critical mass as Brits get strangers' bank letters



Apparently, not only are Sadabell in a mess over this - they are also most exposed to Italian and Spanish Government debt which might just be a bit riskier following new governments in those two countries.

You have to admit - they are consistent!

HostingUK drops offline after losing Farmer vs Fibre competition


Round us they mole drain and subsoil deeper than a foot.

Biggest risk is BT leaving cables above ground - the whole village was off for up to a week after a farmer caught some stray wires in his hedge-cutter.

OnePlus 6: Perfect porridge? One has to make a smartphone that's juuuust right


One+ - the company

Before buying this phone, look at One+ - the company behind it and the way they have treated past customers:

Look at how long they supported a previous model, the One+ 2.

Look at how they treated customers after allowing their credit card details to be compromised - some customers have lost thousands yet One+ seem to have swept it under the carpet.

If you are happy to chance it with such a company, good luck.

OnePlus smartmobe brand modelled on 'a religion', founder admits


"God's Will"

It beats me why this company continues - I guess it is indeed like a religion where "bad things" are just "God's will".

Whether it is the lack of support offered to OnePlus 2 owners or the lies and atrocious handling of the compromise of credit card details used to purchase OnePlus 5Ts - this company has a seriously lousy level of customer care.

Of course, for fanbois, it is "God's will". For the rest of us it is an extremely good reason to look elsewhere.

Openreach consults on shift of 16 MEEELLION phone lines to VoIP by 2025


You have to have the physical wires - yes - but you don't need a voice service. I pay £10 line rental pm for the lines with no voice service.

UK mobe network Three's profits hit by IT upgrade costs


They are also losing money because people try them once, realise how crap their coverage is, and go elsewhere.

I've just moved 3 contracts this year.

Airbus CIO: We dumped Microsoft Office not over cost but because Google G Suite looks sweet


Correct. Local Apps OK - web apps (365) bad!


Yes. I had Outlook 365 do something similar to me on Wednesday - luckily I was not rude in the e-mail someone ought not to have seen.


But after using "proper" apps like Outlook and Word, Office 365 is a bag of sh1te as well.

What is a bigger surprise is that Airbus are putting their data on US servers within the grasp of the NSA - I guess they don't mind if they get passed to Boeing.

Swiss see Telly Tax as a Big Plus, vote against scrapping it


The Swiss TV Tax is not the same as UK.

In UK you can avoid it by not watching programs as they are transmitted and not using BBC iPlayer - an Internet feed and a Netflix account needs no licence.

In Switzerland, it does - as Internet carries catch-up thus everyone has to pay if they have Internet. Also a radio requires the licence. Next year it will be reformed to one licence per household and reduced to SFr365pa - roughly double the UK fee.

Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told


Re: Hmmm

Maybe all postal deliveries should be done after dark - so the EVs have all day in the sun to charge?

US Supremes take a look at Microsoft's Irish email slurp battle, and yeah, not a great start


Re: "So basically that means Windows 10"

Oh come on now - we all know that Hillary Clinton is greater than the law.


I can see Swisscom, amongst others, rubbing their hands with glee on this:


Shock horror! Telegram messaging app proves insecure yet again!


Re: NSAgram

Maybe . . . or maybe this has just patched a hole the NSA knew about and were using themselves.

In the past, Amber Rudd and her ilk have named Telegram and Whatsapp as two applications that use end to end encryption that are allowing horrible murderers/paedophiles/terrorists/tax evaders/[insert bogeyman] to hide their traffic.

They never mention, for example, Signal.

Now what if the reason these apps are named is to encourage the bogeymen to use them instead of stronger apps?

What if Kaspersky have found one of the NSA routes in?

Sweet revenge for the ban, and maybe one less way to be snooped on.

Still prefer Signal though.

Tenable's response to folks upset at AWOL features: A 150-emails-a-minute spam storm


Re: We are done for good with Tenable

I have to disagree about the false positives - Nessus is no better and no worse than Qualys. Personally I preferred the Nessus interface - Qualys tries to do everything and ends up as a jack of all trades master of none - leaving users having to hop around between different parts in an inconsistent manner.

Furthermore, Nessus here picked up an error Qualys missed caused by our desktop team having the wrong CAB file in SCCM.

BUT all this is no use if the tool is unmanageable or the vendor cannot be trusted - which is where we now are with Nessus.

Finally, taking the fingers-in-ears approach and shutting down the community server to avoid adverse discussion shows a company that seriously just does not get it.

Very sad. Good product. Crap company.


Someone has shot themselves in the foot

We have just cancelled our Tenable order - only for three copies but that is still over $7k - placed last week but will arrive too late for the API cutoff. A pain as we had written a load of Python scripts to manage the scan output. The silly thing is that had we got the Nessus scanners in there was a possibility we would have then moved to something like Security Centre. Now - no chance at all.

I am now looking at OpenVAS - there seem to be a couple of useful APIs in there that can be leveraged - and I suspect if a load of other people move like us and make a few donations the feature set will rapidly increase.

Tenable remind me of Sun Microsystems - some may recall Solaris x86 being canned to help Sun's Cobalt Linux. It did help Linux - RedHat Linux, Suse Linux - but not Cobalt! By the time Sun realised and restarted the Solaris x86 line it was too late - Linux had the market share. Tenable seem to hope killing the API will make everyone rush out and buy their io cloud based product. When they realise it hasn't happened and restart the API it will be too late for them as well - others will have the market share.

Finally, Tenable really have screwed up - not only with the update and the spam but also their brand new support community - currently giving a 404 error and spewing a load of diagnostics. That makes three problems!

Gun - foot - aim - fire!

Mozilla devs discuss ditching Dutch CA, because cryptowars


Re: Advancing our civilization into less a democratic state...

Read the Conservative manifesto 2015 - nothing advisory about it.

¡Dios mío! Spain blocks DNS to hush Catalonian independence vote sites


Remember, until 40 years ago Spain was a fascist dictatorship. Old habits die hard, I guess.

I am sure Mugabe and his ilk will be impressed by how Rajoy can repress democracy and getting a few more ideas.

Brit broke anti-terror law by refusing to cough up passwords to cops


What - you mean like David Miranda?

Nah - couldn't happen.


Re: Copy the real (encrypted) data into the cloud

42.zip may have an interesting effect.


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